“Dangerous Nonsense” Or “Win-Win” – What To Expect From The COP26 Gabfest

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News Story Source: https://www.zerohedge.com by Bill Blain
It's easy to be cynical about next week's COP26 Gabfest, but we could all be winners if global leaders successfully optimise for a cleaner decarbonised environment and a global growth economy based on new clean technologies, but we need time for the transition from fossil fuels. If we fail to do so, the alternatives are bleak.

From Sunday the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and Politicians meet in Glasgow for the 26th United Nations "Conference of Parties" on Climate Change. It might just be the most important gab-fest of global leaders in the whole of human history – so I am told. So far, the biggest winners are Scottish Railway workers. They were threatening strike action through the conference, and they've just accepted a 2.5% bribe pay-rise to return to work.

Ultimately.. we might all be winners…

I should stop being cynical about the COP26 conference. I guess I just have a problem with virtue-signalling politicians and unelecte
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