Cult Control: The Building Of A Cult

Cult Control: The Building Of A Cult

Formerly an overpriced $39 ebook and was available as a $27 book is now $19.95! Learn the secrets of cult leaders and live your true fantasies! Sex, money, power… all yours with the new secrets you will learn: * What constitutes a ‘cult’ – and what doesn’t * Types of cults you can start, with practicality in mind * Where to hold gatherings when you’re on a budget * An unbelievably effective (and simple) technique to get a woman to feel ‘high’ and elated! And yes, it’s 100% legal * Examples from some of the most successful cults for indoctrinating members * 2 methods of setting yourself up as an authority in the minds of women (and men too). These are so powerful that a popular ‘seduction guru’ wouldn’t even release them to his students for fear of legal action! These tactics are great one-on-one but can also be performed in front of groups.

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