A high-stakes, romantic thriller, set in June, 1982. Beautiful TV producer Sharon Foster is mingling with the stars and the high-rollers in Madrid for the final round of the World Cup Championship. So is the man she loves, US soccer goalie Keith Palermo. If they’re lucky, Keith and his US soccer team will do well in the tournament, and Sharon’s new American TV network will generate great ratings and revenues. If they’re luckier still, Sharon and Keith will consummate their love.

But the lovers are about to be caught in a deadly conspiracy. Even now, in the remote hills of Utah, two American military guards lie brutally murdered. A crate of a lethal new nerve gas is missing and on its way to Madrid, carried by a tall, sandy-haired mercenary who will stop at nothing. Soon the eyes of the world will be on the great Madrid stadium, the cheering crowds, and an event so shocking that it could change the course of history.

Sharon and Keith find their lives intertwined with a colorful cast of characters, each immersed in their own personal dramas and crises. A glamorous network newswoman struggles with her faithless British rock-star lover – and with her taste for cocaine. A pretty teenage Russian gymnast hopes to defect to the West, to save the life of the unborn child she secretly carries. A powerful Russian spy, a wealthy US businessman, and an ambitious TV director all struggle to stay ahead of their competitors and their enemies.

But all their struggles may soon be over, for unless Sharon and Keith can discover and stop the World Cup conspiracy, the deadliest weapon in the world will be unleashed before a TV audience of billions – and America will be blamed.

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