Complete Audio of WTC 911 Calls on 9/11

In January 2002, the New York Times filed a public-records request for many documents relating to 9/11, including the recordings of 911 calls made by people inside the World Trade Center. (These calls were answered by fire, police, and emergency medical services operators.) The City of New York fought the release of these records, and finally in 2005 an appeals court ordered their release. (The court agreed with the city that for privacy reasons, the voices of the callers should be redacted.)

On March 31, 2006, the city released the audio (and transcripts), followed by supplemental releases on August 16 of that year and January 26, 2007. The releases were on CDs – a total of 15 – sent to major media outlets. Those outlets posted snippets of the recordings. This year, The Memory Hole 2 filed a request for all released CDs, and we’ve posted everything we received. This marks the first time that all of this historic audio is available online.

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