Company Transforms Shipping Containers Into Economical Backyard Pools

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The newest shipping container craze is here, and it has nothing to do with creating a tiny home, urban farm, or shop. Instead, the fad is entirely concerned with turning shipping containers into affordable and appealing swimming pools.

As Craze reports, the idea to transform such an ordinary object into a backyard pool was first conjured by the Australian company Shipping Container Pools. Modpool, which is based in Canada, developed the concept further, however, to create pools that also feature windows. This aesthetic has set it apart from the competition.

Pools designed by Modpool are "relocatable" and boast a quick set up. Additionally, a divider can be used to create a temporary or permanent hot tub section. Because temperatures can increase by 86 degrees F in a single hour, one won't have to wait long to take a soak or swim a few laps in their backyard pool.

Each shipping container pool ships ready to use, and all the pool equipment one could need is built i
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