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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
Beginning next week we'll be moving to podcasts. We'll be producing them every other week for the indefinite future. I think you'll like them and I'm enjoying working on them.

The podcasts will be replacing our weekly articles… more or less.  I'm an inveterate author, of course, and I'm quite sure I'll have things I feel compelled to write about. We may also re-run some of our previous articles. We have almost six years' worth to pick from, after all.

A Long Time Coming

I've had requests for a podcast ever since podcasting became popular. And, truthfully, it appeals to me. I've done a lot of radio interviews, was a talk radio listener back in the 1970s (even in the 1960s, a bit), and have been around radio in one way or another for a long time. And podcasting is the new radio.

And so, it seems to be the right time for this. We'll see how the podcast develops (most such things take some time to develop a clear direction
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