Chuck Grassley Just Told You The FBI Is Out of Control

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News Story Source:, By Emerald Robinson
Then Grassley said something even more incredible: the FBI had declined to meet with him at all. Month after month. Year after year. At any time. For any reason. This is incredible because Grassley has been a ranking member on the Judiciary Committee for a long time — so he provides oversight of the FBI. Well, he supposedly provides oversight. In actuality, the FBI avoids oversight. As Grassley told everyone: "I've asked Director Wray several times to meet with me relating to a very troubling briefing that I received in August 2020 from the FBI and which was later weaponized against my and Senator Johnson's oversight. Director Wray and his staff have ignored my request to meet."

Think about what Grassley is saying: he can't get the FBI to meet with him about a briefing the FBI gave him! Do you still believe that Congress has real oversight on the FBI? Because Grassley just told you: it's a lie. He also had his letter entered into the official record.
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