Chris Haskell Tucson activist Free From Jail! Terrorist charges equal to murder -Chemtrails signs!!

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News Story Source: Haskellfilmz
Chris Haskell Tucson activist FREE FROM JAIL! FREE SPEECH being stopped in Tucson Arizona! Chris has been in jail for over 7 weeks now and was arrested on Terrorist charges equal to manslaughter for putting up his chemtrails signs! The NSA, FBI, Bomb squad, Sherriff's dept and Tucson Police arrested Chris after a police dog was sent in to drag him out of a bush he hid in and they continued kicking him in the back of the head saying, "Show us your hands" Chris yelled, "As soon as you call off the dog from biting me I can show you my hands because they are in the dogs mouth!" Chris Haskell had 14 centimeter long rips down the inside of his leg since the dog dragged him over 25 feet by the leg. Chris had cuts on his thumb down to the bone on his right hand and had cuts on his forefinger down to the bone on his left hand from the dog bite! If he had pulled his hands out of the dogs mouth to show them he would have pulled out two fingers with bone only showing! Chris
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