Chemtrails are “Messing with My Psyche”

(l. Chemtrails over Maine?)

Is Rick Miracle crazy or they really spraying us like bugs?
I felt like I was all alone in the
world; I thought of the twilight zone TV series. Not only did he not
care but he didn’t want to talk about it. “


Is ignoring this phenomenon the only way to stay sane?

By Rick Miracle

In Florida, if you are aware of the sky spraying (called Chemtrails), it messes with your psyche. The sky looks like a perpetual Halloween party with all the nasty spray lines. (See image below.)

Early in Jan. 2013, I went for coffee at a nearby plaza near downtown Orlando, Florida. The sky was crisscrossed with jet trails, but not just jet trails, BUT thick jet trails that were painting the whole sky pasty white. It looked like hell.

I saw a TV truck with the camera on top in the parking lot; I knocked on the window to get the driver’s attention. He rolled down the window, I asked him if he knew about the sky spraying and pointed it out.

It was an insane sky spraying day. He looked up and said, “Oh yeah, I heard about that” and promptly looked away & rolled up his window. I felt like I was all alone in the world, I thought of the twilight zone TV series. He not only did not care but did not want to talk about it.

People snub their noses about this subject and refuse to talk about it it even when it’s present & they can see it.

BUT, consider this. Can messing with Mother Nature be good for us? Does it affect the weather? Does it affect the water, the plants, and the animals? Does it affect you and your family?


So, there I was, in Orlando in late June 2013, packing up and heading to Maine. Imagine my disappointment at the discovery that there was no escape. Even in the rural forested area of Northern Maine, they were Sky Spraying with intensity! There were days with no spraying, mild spray days, and even insidious sky spraying days.

skymay232011 051.JPG(RICK’S VIEW IN FLORIDA)

Photographed and Videoed the sky spraying just about every day that the coastal fog allowed it. I have been photographing & videoing the sky spraying since 2005, when I was first informed about it. I have been posting my videos on youtube under the name rick miracle sky spraying. Take a look at a couple of my videos, they are only a few minutes long.

A friend told me about the sky spraying during a vacation to Costa Rica. I thought he was nuts! BUT, upon my arrival to Miami USA in Jan. 2005, I saw endless lines from the Atlantic Ocean to Central Florida. I had to drive from Miami, up the coast to the Cocoa Beach area. The lines were endless. It was enough to make me think WW3 must be happening. I was waiting for the explosions in the cities.

Since 2005, I have viewed and studied many on-line videos like WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? & it’s follow up video, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? These are available on There are literally thousands of videos from many concerned citizens, scientist, even air force whistle blowers, and many others worldwide! This is real!

Studies done on the water, the soil and on humans indicate that the presence of heavy metals is above average everywhere. The sky spraying is changing the PH balance. Remember, if you keep the PH just right, your pool stays clear & clean. BUT, if you don’t, the pool becomes contaminated and nasty.

Somebody(s) is changing the PH of our world. They are geo engineering our earth and genetically modifying us humans, all around the world.  MONSANTO is manufacturing genetically modified seeds that are heavy metal resistant. That’s their advertized claim. They grow in the newly altered soil? Can they produce foods that are good for us?

Many say the new foods are harmful. Many countries have banned their use! I ask why are they being forced on us? WHY? It’s published. Your body sees these new foods as an intruder! The white cells multiply and attack the unrecognized food cells. (See links below article.)

The USA government has just signed an agreement in 2013 that will hold Monsanto harmless in any lawsuits resulting from their activities in these areas. What the hell is going on?

We are not bugs and should not be sprayed like we are! See the videos I mentioned above and you decide. If this concerns you, tell your friends & family. We need to get organized and stop this madness.

Call me paranoid, but it does concern me that in Georgia, USA, there are the Georgia Guide stones that detail a population of fewer than 500 million! Is this how they plan to do it? What do you think? Please don’t roll up the window.



David Richards – Frightening Lesser Known Facts About Chemtrails

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