Charlie Sheen looks good by comparison

angry, wrong, paranoid and sexist = winning

RealAlexJonesI’m sure everyone has seen Jones’ rant on Piers Morgan Tonight, and there’s little I can say about it that hasn’t been said already. He made a serious tactical error by bringing his SSRI nonsense into the “debate” – what the hell do antidepressants have to do with the 2nd Amendment, anyway? – but that’s neither here nor there. Jones is not known for his ability to stick to a topic, engage in debate, or be coherent.
But it gets so much worse than that. After the broadcast, Jones was triumphant. He believed his appearance was an out-of-the-park success, even though he came across to most viewers as an escaped mental patient. He boasted that he made a CNN producer cry.
Then things got weird. Now, Jones is insisting that his CNN rant was such a threat to the establishment that he could be wiped out at any time by the NYPD or the Mafia. Are you serious? You’ve just discredited yourself (and embarrassed the pro-gun lobby) on national television, and you think that was not only successful, but so successful that someone will have to assassinate you? I’m sorry, this is just too crazy for words. Jones has lost it. He is the last person you want defending your Constitutional rights in public.

Speaking of SSRIs, Jones has been misrepresenting recent research. As I covered a long time ago, a single group of researchers found that SSRIs might decrease photosensitivity in shrimp, causing them to stray into areas where they can be easily seen and devoured by predators. On yesterday’s broadcast, however, Jones declared that the shrimp are making themselves vulnerable because their inhibitions are lowered (do shrimp even have inhibitions?!). Then he stated that women – not men, only women – on SSRIs also have lowered inhibitions, and will “drop their skirts” at the slightest suggestion. In actuality, decreased sex drive is a common side effect of both depression and antidepressant use.

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