Cell Phones and Brain Cancer? – Straight Talk MD w/ Dr. Frank Sweeny

Do you believe that cell phone radiation can cause brain cancer? In a recent poll of Americans asked if they believe there’s a link between cell phone radiation and brain cancer, more than fifty-percent answered yes or I don’t know. What is the scientific evidence to support or deny this claim? Many scientists reassure us that there is no evidence that cell phones can cause brain cancer or any other harmful biological effects aside from tissue heating, but other scientists disagree.

There was no human safety testing of cell phones by the FDA or the FCC prior to their release to the public in 1985. Our largest and most trusted international scientific agencies tell us that microwave radiation is a possible human carcinogen, but they aren’t sure, and that more research is needed to answer the question with certainty. So for now, we’re all participants in the largest, uncontrolled, public health experiment in the history of human civilization.

Six billion people are exposing themselves to the microwave radiation from their cell phones every day with unknown long-term consequences. In the worst-case scenario, some scientists predict a worldwide epidemic of brain cancer and other health problems in those people using cell phones for more than twenty years. We could be among those victims.

In this special episode of Straight Talk MD, Dr.Frank Sweeny takes an unbiased look at the evidence, addresses some very unsettling science, and reveals shocking truths about cell phones and cancer.



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