CBS News Poaches Narco News’ Drug War Coverage

The story in question relates to arms trafficking between the United States and Mexico, legal gun running in this case as part of a U.S. State Department program known as Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) — through which U.S. companies are approved to sell arms to Mexico, via the Mexican military. Given the situation in Mexico with the drug war, and the extent of the corruption within the government there, including its military, the DCS program appears to be a direct conduit for weapons transfers that empower narco-trafficking organizations.

At least that’s the nature of the story that Narco News broke in early 2009, and continued to follow through this year, with three additional story updates following the original scoop — which carried the headline “Legal U.S. Arms Exports May Be source of Narco Syndicates Rising Firepower.

In early December of this year, nearly three years after Narco News published its initial story on the DCS program, CBS News, via its well-marketed “Investigative Unit” (which takes credit for exposing the Fast and Furious ATF scandal story) published a story with a headline curiously similar to the one gracing the March 2009 Narco News story. The CBS story headline: Legal U.S. gun sales to Mexico arming cartels.

You have to wonder how the award-winning news network, backed by a multi-billion-dollar revenue stream, finally came to the decision to “investigate” the DCS weapons-diversion story.

Some insight is now coming your way. The back story, with email correspondence as proof, will now be laid out for you, kind readers, so that you can decide whether this “distinguished” pillar of the mainstream media, the former home of “the most trusted man in America,” anchorman Walter Cronkite, has now turned to appropriating the reporting work of others.

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