Proposed Basic Law Declares Israel a Jewish State

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Proposed Basic Law Declares Israel a Jewish State
by Stephen Lendman

Israel is the only nation without fixed borders. It wants them expanded. It wants territory not its own stolen.

It has no constitution. Basic Laws substitute. Netanyahu is a world class thug. He shames the office he holds.
He heads the most ruthless regional regime. It’s one of the world’s worst. It threatens its neighbors. It mocks democratic governance. Days earlier Netanyahu said:

“It is my intention to submit a Basic Law to the Knesset that would provide a constitutional anchor for Israel’s status as the national state of the Jewish people.”

He called doing so the most “basic ingredient in our national lives…”
Officially establishing it “will win legal status just as other central ingredients that constitute our fundamental core that have already been ruled into the Basic Law of Knesset,” he said.

“Unfortunately, as we have seen recently, there are those who d
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Economists Sell their Souls to the Fed


(Left, Economists need a crystal ball because they aren’t allowed to think for themselves)

Economists are the template for doctors

and all academic professions.

They do the bidding of the Illuminati Federal Reserve bank

directly or indirectly.

You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men. – 1 Corinthians 7:23

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is to offer good men good jobs. (Apologies to Edmund Burke)

by Ryan Grim

How the Fed Bought the Economics Profession (Oct, 2009)

(Edited by

The Federal Reserve, through its
extensive network of consultants, visiting scholars, alumni and staff
economists, so thoroughly dominates the field of economics that real
criticism of the central bank has become a career liability for
members of the profession.

This dominance helps explain how, even
after the FED failed to foresee the [credit crash] the greatest economic collapse since
the Great Depression, the central bank has largely escaped criticism
from academic economists. In the Fed’s thrall, the economists
missed it, too.

“The FED has a lock on the
economics world,” says Joshua Rosner, a Wall Street analyst who
correctly called the meltdown. “There is no room for other
views, which I guess is why economists got it so wrong.”

One critical way the FED exerts control
on academic economists is through its relationships with the field’s
gatekeepers. For instance, at the Journal of
Monetary Economics
, a must-publish venue for rising economists, more
than half of the editorial board members are currently on the FED
payroll – and the rest have been in the past.

auerbach_0.jpgRobert Auerbach,left, a former investigator
with the House banking committee, spent years looking into the
workings of the FED and published much of what he found in the 2008
book, “Deception and Abuse at the FED”. A chapter in that book, excerpted here,
provided the impetus for this investigation.

Auerbach found that in 1992, roughly
968 members of the AEA designated “domestic monetary and
financial theory and institutions” as their primary field, and
717 designated it as their secondary field.

Combining his numbers with the current
ones from the AEA and NABE, it’s fair to conclude that there are
something like 1,000 to 1,500 monetary economists working across the
country. Add up the 220 economist jobs at the Board of Governors
along with regional bank hires and contracted economists, and the FED
employs or contracts with easily 500 economists at any given time.

Add in those who have previously worked
for the FED – or who hope to one day soon – and you’ve accounted for
a very significant majority of the field.


The FED keeps many of the influential
editors of prominent academic journals on its payroll. It is common
for a journal editor to review submissions dealing with FED policy
while also taking the bank’s money. A HuffPost review of seven top journals
found that 84 of the 190 editorial board members were affiliated with
the Federal Reserve in one way or another.

“Try to publish an article
critical of the FED with an editor who works for the FED,” says University of Texas professor James Galbraith.

And the journals, in turn, determine
which economists get tenure and what ideas are considered

The pharmaceutical industry has
similarly worked to control key medical journals, but that involves
several companies. In the field of economics, it’s just the FED.

Being on the FED payroll isn’t just
about the money, either. A relationship with the FED carries
prestige; invitations to FED conferences and offers of visiting
scholarships with the bank signal a rising star or an economist who
has arrived. Affiliations with the FED have become
the oxygen of academic life for monetary economists.

“It’s very important, if you are
tenure track and don’t have tenure, to show that you are valued by
the Federal Reserve,” says Jane D’Arista, a FED critic and an
economist with the Political Economy Research Institute at the
University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Galbraith, a FED critic, has seen the
Fed’s influence on academia first hand.

He and co-authors Olivier Giovannoni
and Ann Russo found that in the year before a presidential election,
there is a significantly tighter monetary policy coming from the FED
if a Democrat is in office and a significantly looser policy if a
Republican is in office. The effects are both statistically
significant, allowing for controls, and economically important.

They submitted a paper with their
findings to the Review of Economics and Statistics in 2008, but the
paper was rejected.

“The editor assigned to it turned
out to be a fellow at the FED and that was after I requested that it
not be assigned to someone affiliated with the FED,” Galbraith

Publishing in top journals is, like in
any discipline, the key to getting tenure. Indeed, pursuing tenure
ironically requires a kind of fealty to the dominant economic
ideology that is the precise opposite of the purpose of tenure, which
is to protect academics who present oppositional perspectives.

And while most academic disciplines and
top-tier journals are controlled by some defining paradigm, in an
academic field like poetry, that situation can do no harm other than
to, perhaps, a forest of trees.

Economics, unfortunately, collides with
reality – as it did with the Fed’s incorrect reading of the housing
bubble and failure to regulate financial institutions. Neither was a
matter of incompetence, but both resulted from the Fed’s unchallenged
assumptions about the way the market worked.

freedman1.jpgEven the late Milton Friedman, whose
monetary economic theories heavily influenced Greenspan, was
concerned about the stifled nature of the debate.

Friedman, in a 1993 letter to Auerbach
that the author quotes in his book, argued that the FED practice was
harming objectivity: “I cannot disagree with you that having
something like 500 economists is extremely unhealthy. As you say, it
is not conducive to independent, objective research.

You and I know there has been
censorship of the material published.

Equally important, the location of the
economists in the Federal Reserve has had a significant influence on
the kind of research they do, biasing that research toward
noncontroversial technical papers on method as opposed to substantive
papers on policy and results,” Friedman wrote.

Greenspan told Congress in October 2008
that he was in a state of “shocked disbelief” and that the
“whole intellectual edifice” had “collapsed.”

House Committee on Oversight and
Government Reform Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) followed up: “In
other words, you found that your view of the world, your ideology,
was not right, it was not working.”

“Absolutely, precisely,”
Greenspan replied. “You know, that’s precisely the reason I was
shocked, because I have been going for 40 years or more with very
considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well.”

But, if the intellectual edifice has
collapsed, the intellectual infrastructure remains in place.

The same economists who provided
Greenspan his “very considerable evidence” are still
running the journals and still analyzing the world using the same
models that were incapable of seeing the credit boom and the coming

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Israel Wants Temple Mount Control

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Israel Wants Temple Mount Control
by Stephen Lendman

The Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount and Al-Aqsa Mosque rank third in Islamic importance. They do so after Mecca’s Sacred Mosque and Madina’s Mosque of the Prophet.

Israel wants control. Naftali Bennett is Israel’s Jewish Home Party leader, Economy minister, and Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs minister.

In February, he told the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations of plans for greater Israeli control over East Jerusalem.

“Unfortunately, the Temple Mount today doesn’t allow for the full exercise of freedom of religion, and there is discrimination against Jews there,” he said.

Knesset members debated establishing greater Temple Mount sovereignty. Arab world criticism followed.
PA officials held an emergency session. A statement followed saying:

“If Israel continues this policy, it proves it does not want peace but continues to violate international laws and resolutions.”

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The Illiminati Program of White Guilt (a.k.a. “privilege”)

( Whites should be meeting to save Christian civilization. Instead White Privilege Conference
 attendees,left, embrace their own destruction.)

In their psychological war against European Christians,
the Illuminati blame white people for Illuminati crimes. As
Jim Goad reports, many whites buy into their own subjugation 

by Jim Goad
from Taki’s Magazine

(Abridged by

The 15th annual White Privilege Conference ended on March 29 in Madison, WI. 

According to conference founder Eddie Moore, Jr., “white supremacy, white privilege, racism and other forms of oppression are designed for your destruction–designed to kill you.”

 aa-white-privilege.jpgIf that’s the case, privileged whites are doing a piss-poor job, seeing as how the 400,000 or so Africans who were transported to the New World in slave ships have–through the noxious evils of white privilege, white technology, and living amid a predominantly white culture–blossomed into around 40 million modern American blacks. That’s an increase of 100-1 and truly the most inept genocide in world history.

“Assuming they have brains, how do they keep them from exploding?”

I could be wrong, but at least judging from pictures taken at the event, most of the attendees, local hosts, and T-shirt models appeared to be white, although I’d bet they’d say “whiteness” is a social construct all while accepting guilt (and perhaps private S&M whippings) for the idea that they benefit from “white privilege” even though whiteness is nothing more than an idea. Assuming they have brains, how do they keep them from exploding? I bet they’d crawl out of their skin if they could. They make my skin crawl.

A Wisconsin reporter estimates that the conference at minimum cost taxpayers $20,000 to further indoctrinate already brainwashed educators that white taxpayers are beastly, innately exploitative fanged vampires who deserve extinction.

hardtosee.jpgWorkshops during the four-day extravaganza included “White American Islamophobia,” “White Privilege and the Color of Wealth,” “Death of the Strong Black Sista,” “How Do We Talk About Privilege, For Real?” “Against the Tea Party Movement,” “White Women’s Guide to Teaching Black Boys,” and “Beyond Kumbaya: Promoting Privilege Discussions on College Campuses.” Film screenings included such cinematic thought-turds as The N!GGA Word, What Makes Me White, and The New Black.

Apparently the only way to dismantle white privilege and usher in this long-promised and long-delayed era of post-racial harmony is to be absolutely fucking obsessed with race.

Feagin.jpgPhenotypically white professor Joe Feagin, past president of the American Sociology Association and author of Living With Racism and White Racism as well as roughly ten million other books about how white people are racist meanies, came dressed in his trademark sexy bolo tie.

He purportedly claimed that all white people are either racists or “recovering racists” and allegedly uttered things such as “The white racial frame is more than cognitive. It’s hostile, vicious, emotional, and visual,”

“Whites live the white racial frame like goldfish in a bowl of water,” and “The heart of the white racial frame is white virtue/superiority. This is (unsurprisingly) the hardest thing for white people to see.”

Feagin allegedly closed his speech with words from Martin Luther King and a photo of black American runners famously giving the Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. How urban and edgy of him!

What’s easy for me to see–and unlike Joe Feagin, I don’t wear glasses, rose-colored or otherwise–is that Joe Feagin is a white man suffering the late stages of Passover Syndrome.

Scanning the sponsors listed in the center column of the WPC’s home page reveals a multicolored cornucopia of logos from likeminded churches and colleges. I don’t attend church, so it is the colleges that I–to lift a ubiquitous progressive buzzword–find “problematic.” Why are such absurd and absolutely unscientific medieval guilt scenarios–where “whiteness” is reduced to “evil” and Europeans’ lopsidedly abundant contributions to science, art, and global longevity are either ignored or fraudulently dismissed as thievery from other cultures–being injected like mind-numbing psychiatric drugs into children’s brains?

Behold passages from the conference’s “Youth Action Project” page:

Students will SEE and be fully aware of the multiple manifestations of white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.

pack-your-bags.-we.jpg• Students will have the courage and confidence to NAME white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.
• Students will ACT by taking effective, creative, and urgent measures to dismantle white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.
• Students will PROCEED as leaders, planting ongoing seeds of change.

Apparently teaching students to READ and WRITE and ADD and SUBTRACT are no longer priorities. No, you have to constantly teach them–at least the white ones–not to be racist, which tends to undermine the oft-parroted canard that children need to be taught TO be racist.

So which one is it? If white kids need to be bitch-slapped from grades one through sixteen with the idea that white “racism” is bad, that would suggest they’d fall back into instinctual tribalism the moment you quit browbeating them. Your tirelessly aggressive indoctrination schemes imply a deep-seated insecurity about whether your beliefs are natural or have to be force-fed through tireless governmental, corporate, media, and religious brainwashing.

The only good idea that seemed to emerge from this farcical pink-pig hog-sloppin’ guilt-fest came via a Tweet from a conference attendee: “maybe we should stop giving black boys to white women teachers.”

I think that’s a capital idea, especially if the white women teachers are the typical self-loathing breed so prevalent these days–and by that I mean they hate the “white” part of themselves rather than the “female” part. I don’t even think you need to set any new policies to make this a reality. If you keep pounding the idea that “whiteness = evil” into the skulls of the nation’s increasingly nonwhite student population, those melanin-rich young’uns will eventually demand that white men and women stop teaching them altogether. Purely by delicious accident, white teachers will wind up softly erasing themselves like so much chalk from the blackboard.

Related– Makow, “Diversity” is about Disinheriting Whites

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Massacre in Odessa

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Massacre in Odessa
by Stephen Lendman

Ukraine is the epicenter of European fascist reemergence. Friday’s Odessa massacre revealed its ugly face writ large.
Unrestrained brutality explains it. More of the same is likely. Perhaps much worse ahead. Maybe Friday’s incident was prelude for more planned slaughter.

On May 2, Itar Tass reported what happened in Odessa, saying:

“As many as 38 people died in a fire lit by Ukraine’s Right Sector and self-defence radicals at the building of trade union council in the Black Sea city of Odessa on Friday, a spokesman for the Ukrainian interior ministry said.”

“According to the ministry, thirty people died of carbon oxide intoxication, eight died having jumped out of windows. As many as 50 people sought medical assistance, including ten policemen.”

On May 3, Itar Tass reported Ukraine’s Interior Ministry saying:

“As a result of clashes and fire in the Trade Unions House in Odessa’s Kulikovo Pole square, 42
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