Case Builds to Impeach Trump for the Wrong Reasons

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Case Builds to Impeach Trump for the Wrong Reasons

by Stephen Lendman

There's ample cause to impeach him for high crimes of war and against humanity in multiple US war theaters.

America's anti-interventionist candidate about-faced as president. Endless belligerence defines his agenda – inheriting his predecessors' wars of aggression, perhaps intending new ones.

Public anger should rage over his escalating war in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and now Afghanistan with the announced deployment of another 4,000 US troops for a lost cause – a war lost years ago, no prospect whatever of turning things around.

He escalated deployments of US special forces and other combat troops to multiple theaters, including northern and central Africa – Somalia his latest battleground, surely not his last new one.

His hostility toward Iran could erupt into eventual conflict, what Israel couldn't get other US administrations to do.

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