Cars Get Stuck at U.S. Garages for Weeks in Spare-Parts Shortage

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News Story Source:, Michael Sasso
Typical delays of a day or two have stretched into weeks in some cases, shop owners say.  It's a self-feeding loop. A global semiconductor shortage has cut the production of new vehicles, leading to a surge in demand and prices of used cars and forcing people to keep their old ones longer. In turn, these vehicles need repairs, which are now increasingly being dragged by supply-chain snarls. In the Seattle suburbs, garage owner Bryan Kelley waited on parts for 60 to 90 days on two separate occasions while fixing pick-up trucks. One of the parts, a crankshaft position sensor, used to take a half hour to get from the distribution center, said Kelley, owner of Valley Automotive Repair and Electric. The wait got so long that the customer was ready to give up on his Dodge Ram 1500, he said. "He went as far as to say, 'I'm going to tow it and buy another truck,'" said Kelley, who's also ch
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