Cancer detection breakthrough uses chewing gum to trap and analyze biomarkers …

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(Natural News) U.S.-based biotech firm Volatile Analysis' non-profit Hudson Alpha have developed a chewing gum that may help detect cancer. According to the company's scientists, each type of cancer produces a unique set of chemicals known as volatile organic compound. These chemicals differ in composition per cancer type, in the same way a healthy lung produces compounds that are different from a diseased lung, the scientists explained.  Researchers said the gum absorbs these volatile compounds from a person's saliva. The chewing gum is then analyzed after 15 minutes of chewing.

The chewing gum detects cancer by identifying cancer-related compounds that are present in the mouth. Analyzing the gum sample may help clinicians identify the type of cancer that a patient has, said Volatile Analysis president and CEO Katherine Bazemore. The biotech company has now developed different chewing gums for detecting pancreatic cancer, lun
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