Calling for “Occult City Art”

Name Mariano Email:

Subject:  Calling for “Occult City Art”

You do not have to use your real name and do not have to give out your address. Also, the photos will still legally belong to you, I will not sell them but will only publish them.

Message:   I am going to start a series for on “Occult City Art” and I need your help. Basically, the project is simply to get people all around the country (if not the world) to go around their cities and take photos of occult art.

I will post them on my Examiner site:

So, just send in your photos along with a simple description of where the object is (city, states, perhaps something like, “in front of such and such a court house,” etc.).

If you have a website, want people to find you on your social network of choice, etc. just let me know and I will offer the link along with the article in which your photo(s) appear.

What is occult art?

Well, it can be very many things:

1. Obvious sculptures/statues/paintings of gargoyles, grotesques, the demonic in general (which can be found primarily upon old buildings and old churches).

2. What some call “city magic” which are structures such as elaborate structures in parks or in front of buildings that appear to have some deeper meaning (generally discernible due to the figures, shapes, alignments, etc.).


3. Corporate logos, etc. which are often seen to depict occult geometric shapes, names, numbers, etc. For example, the “Phillips 66” logo. Why that as it has 66 and not 666. Well, count number of points on the shield. See the point? You may have to think about it for a little while before you start to see a lot more than initially meets the eye.

4. I have even been noticing triangles/pyramids and pentagrams/five pointed stars, on manhole covers (or, am I supposed to say, “on non-gender-specific-gender-neutral hole covers”?).

Yes, these have meanings such as referring to certain chemicals, etc. but the deeper question is why the shapes were used for those in the first place.One thing that you will notice is that once you take to time to notice these things you will soon see that they are everywhere.
MarianoThank you for your time and attention,



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