California Mandates Mass-Poisoning of Children

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
California Mandates Mass-Poisoning of Children

by Stephen Lendman

California's Newsom regime bragged about being "first-in-the-nation" to mandate masks in schools  — that don't protect and risk respiratory harm — along with (toxic) mass-jabbing of teachers and staff.

On October 1, the regime took another great "first-in-the-nation" leap backwards by announcing its intention to mandate jabs for young children in public and private schools following approval of poisoning kids by the Pharma-controlled FDA.

Like earlier, Newsom defied science.

He lied to parents of school-aged children as follows, saying:

His draconian mandate "is about protecting our children and school staff (sic), and keeping them in the classroom."

False! It's about irreversibly harming their health!

Newsom: "Vaccines work (sic)."

False! Virtually all vaccines are unsafe because of harmful
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