Calendrical & Time Manipulation (Part 1)

Another subtle yet devastating aspect of the global conspiracy is their manipulation of calendars, clocks, and our perception of time.We are being enslaved by man-made mechanisms and systems for keeping time.Not only are we wage-slaves to bankers, governments, bosses, and land-owners, but we are also time-slaves to our watches, clocks, and calendars.We slave to 9-5 school and work days.We slave to 5-day school and work weeks.We are spiritual slaves to Greenwich Mean Time, the Gregorian calendar, and an unnatural 7-day week.

“Time is the primary socializing tool and the clock is the key machine of industrial capitalism.The imperialism of space and material is everywhere evident, but the imperialism of time is a shadowy beast.What is of direct concern is how time is perceived, controlled, exploited, manipulated, institutionalized, and internalized.If we do not understand time, we become its victims.One thing remains apparent: time politics are power politics.Every sundial, watermill, calendar, week cycle, social policy, and temporal monument has served a particular interest and ideology.The hallmark of these, of course, has always been technological power and chauvinist control.In the service of precision, the atomic second is now defined as the duration of 9,192,631,770 particle oscillations within a cesium -133 atom.”-Buried Inside, Chronoclast (Introduction to Album)

If you follow the sun and moon to keep track of time instead of clocks and watches, many things change.If stores open at sun-up and close at sun-down, managers cannot anally enforce punching time cards.If you tell your friends to meet you at the river when the sun touches the tree line, you naturally, patiently wait for them while watching a beautiful sunset.If you tell your friends to meet you at the mall at 7:30pm, then you must constantly look at your wrist or the wall watching a series of cumulatively frustrating numbers.

“That [people] can be characterized as wound up, run down, rusty, or going like clockwork is essentially a product of seventeenth-century thought.It implies not only that their work may be accurately measured, but also that their motions can be studied.Given proper incentives, they will follow predetermined and appropriately mechanical patterns”-Samuel L. Macy, “The Dynamics of Progress: Time, Method, and Measure”

When indoctrinated into meaningless calendars (like the Gregorian and Julian), wrist-watches, 9-5 work days, and 5 day work weeks, people most certainly do follow predetermined, mathematically calculable patterns and tendencies.We like to have a drink after work, we like to watch a movie at the weekend, we like coffee in the mornings, we buy flowers on Valentine’s Day and so on, our tendencies can be calculated and exploited by elites.Those who exist outside the constraints of time/wage slavery have all the time and money they need perform studies, hire psychologists, lobbyists, and advertisers to further their gains.Time is money, so they say.

“In hierarchical time culture, status is often delineated in terms of how valuable a person’s time is.The time poor are made to wait, while the temporally privileged are waited upon.”-Jeremy Rifkin, “Time Wars”

“Gets us back to the theme of time is money. No wonder time is money is ingrained into our consciousness and culture. And that seems to be the main purpose of the calendar we use. To keep track of our accounts, pay our bills, and set up our appointments.We might not think about it this way, but the calendar we use programs us to use it the way we do. But are all calendars like this one, nothing more than an arbitrary program to take care of business? What about the sun, the moon and the stars? OK. Let’s keep this one point in mind. A calendar is a programming device. It programs the culture, the people, the society that uses it. It creates a feedback loop between the mind of the user and its program. The nature of the calendar determines the nature of the society.”-Jose Arguelles “Stopping Time” (15)

“Secured at birth and bred as fresh livestock.To the power brokers of hyper-capitalism, our lives are on the auction block.Make way for the experience economy, make way for the access economy, make way for the new time-currency, welcome it all like the coming of Rome.”-Buried Inside, Chronoclast (IX Time as Commodity)

Karl Marx wrote in “Das Kapital” that, “To work at a machine, the workman should be taught form childhood in order that he may learn to adapt his own movements to the uniform and unceasing motion of an automaton.”This statement has been implemented into our government and corporate institutions in many ways.Students align themselves with the (approximate) 9-5, 8 hour work day, 5 days a week.We take this coincidence for granted or explain it away by the convenience of aligning work and school schedules for day-care purposes.But in reality what it instills is this psychological mechanism of slavishly submitting to the regulated schedules of employers.Also the factory-like seating and positioning of a boss at the blackboard giving out standardized directives is a product of the industrial age.Without this long-term conditioning from a young age would we so willingly sell our lives for minimum wage?

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“We are making the transition into what economists call an experience economy – a world in which each person’s own life becomes, in effect, a commercial market.In business circles, the new operative term is the lifetime value of the customer, the theoretical measure of how much a human being is worth if every moment of his or her life were to be commodified in one form or another in the commercial sphere.” -Jeremy Rifkin, “The Age of Access”


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