BUSTED! Russia admits to Oct. nuclear disaster (millions exposed!)

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News Story Source: https://thehornnews.com
There is a massive cover-up surrounding a recent nuclear disaster in Russia — and on Nov. 21, after months of denial, Vladimir Putin's administration finally admitted the radiation cloud that has been circling the Earth's atmosphere originated from within Russia's borders.

Millions of people across Europe have been exposed to the spike of the radioactive isotope Ruthenium-106, which was first detected in France in Sep. and has since been confirmed by experts in dozens of countries across Europe.

On Oct. 11, Russian officials claimed in a statement through a state news source that radiation levels at it's facilities were "within normal levels."

However, scientists used sophisticated climate modeling technology to pinpoint the site where the radiation originated. These experts pointed directly to a site in the South Ural mountains in Russia as the probably location.

The site of the radiation spike is conveniently located at what The Guardian ca
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