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Anthony Deden is a very erudite, private, and successful head of an investment firm.  He doesn't tweet, isn't on Facebook, avoids publicity, rarely follows the news, and thinks that the financial press is worthless.

Maybe I like him because he's a fellow contrarian, but not in the narrow investment meaning of the word. 

He recently agreed to a rare interview—or more accurately, a free-flowing conversation lasting two hours and 25 minutes, which took place in gorgeous, civilized Switzerland, where he now lives after emigrating from the USA.

The full interview can be found at:

A summary follows for those who don't have the time or interest to watch the video, which is entirely of two guys talking in front of a fireplace or along a snow-covered path in a quaint Swiss village.

At about 29 minutes into the interview, Deden makes music for contrarian ears.  He says, "I'm uninterested in what anyone else
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