Brexit Party Soars in European Parliament Polls, 9 Points Ahead of Labour

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News Story Source:, by Mish
The Brexit Party Continues to Surge in the polls for the European elections as Change UK fall behind Lib Dems.

Nigel Farage is continuing to smile after the latest polls for the EU elections continue to show the Brexit Party leading the way.
Despite only being launched last month, the Brexit Party quickly stormed to the top of the polls – and the latest set of figures show their support has only increased.
According to YouGov, Mr Farage's party are now polling on 30% – an increase of 2% from the previous poll.

The above table represents the official party position. Most Tories (Conservative) do not favor Theresa May's pathetically negotiated withdrawal agreement.

Many in the Labour party favor remaining, a referendum, or even leaving.

Both the Tories and Labour splintered mightily over Brexit but Labour fared better, at least for now.

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