Breakthrough in invisibility technology: Scientists have created a material that …

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(Natural News) Scientists developed a new idea for invisibility technology that would allow light waves to pass straight through a special material without any obstruction, as reported by Science Daily.

Researchers from University of Technology (TU Wien) in Vienna, together with colleagues from Greece and the United States, discovered a new idea for cloaking technology in which a completely opaque material is irradiated from above with a specific wave pattern — with the effect that light waves from the left can now pass through the material.

The discovery can be applied to different kinds of waves and it should work with sound waves just as well as with light waves.

"Complex materials such as a sugar cube are opaque, because light waves inside them are scattered multiple times," explained Stefan Rotter, a TU Wein professor. "A light wave can enter and exit the object, but will never pass through the medium on a straight line. Instead, it is scatt
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