Both Biden And Trump Are Shills For The Deep State's Vaccine Mandates

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
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For decades, I have been saying that there is no substantial difference between the Donkeys and the Elephants in Washington, D.C. And for the last four years, I have shown irrefutable evidence that Donald Trump has served the same Deep State global masters as his predecessors Barack Obama and G.W. Bush—and as Joe Biden, of course.

Nothing proves what I have said above any more than the way that Donald Trump is parroting the same establishment line (LIE!) as Joe Biden regarding the most important global event of our lifetimes, the greatest and most powerful attack against our liberties in our lifetimes: the phony Covid narrative, especially the Covid vaccines.

First, I urge readers to watch the message I delivered last Sunday to my Liberty Fellowship family both locally and internationally. The title of the message is: How Are Forced Covid Vaccinations Dif
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