Bombshell: New texts support Roger Stone's claims regarding backchannel to Wikileaks…

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(Natural News) Like everyone else who has ever been associated with Donald Trump before he became president, the past couple of years have not been easy for POTUS confidant and GOP operative Roger Stone.

He, as well as others within the president's pre-White House orbit, have been targeted by various elements of the Deep State in an effort to not only disenfranchise them from POTUS but also punish them for Trump's 'mortal sin' of beating Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that she was obviously the most corrupt nominee in modern history.

In particular, Stone has been targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller as part of his "Russia" investigation. "Prosecutors have questioned numerous Stone associates to find out how the longtime political operative appeared to have advance knowledge that WikiLeaks would release information damaging to the Clinton campaign," The Daily Caller notes.

Stone, 66, told the House Intelligence Committee, albeit relu
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