Blue State Blues: Rename the Democratic Party

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News Story Source:, JOEL B. POLLAK
Moreover, it cannot even be said to be "democratic" — small "d" — anymore. It does not recognize the outcome of elections that it does not win, and it uses street violence to pressure the country's leaders and entrepreneurs to do what it wants. And what the party wants is redistribution of wealth, income, and opportunity.

There is a word for that: "socialism."

As I note in my forthcoming book, Red November, the Democratic Party's transition to socialism is well under way.

Party leaders have maneuvered, in two successive elections, to ensure that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — who is honest about the fact that he is a socialist — cannot be its nominee for the White House.

But even as it has rejected Sanders, the party has embraced his ideas. And, given the opportunity in November, Democrats will bring socialism to the United States.

More than half of Democrats think America should "defund the polic
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