Blain: “We Are Finally Approaching The End Phase Of The 2008 Global Financial Crisis”

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News Story Source:, by Bill Blain
"I found Rome a City of Bricks and left it a City of Marble."

In the Headlights this morning – see for some of the stories I'm watching:

Debt Leverage: Interesting quote I came across y'day. Which country are we talking about? A) Germany, B) Italy, C) China or D) US?  10 points for the first correct answer. (And remember points mean prizes): "local credit rating agencies have applied absurdly optimistic standards, giving top ratings to companies that rank among the most highly leveraged in the world."

Global Markets?

Null Entrophy sums up the market's current energy. Stocks seem to have lost their mojo. Even a major boost from the Chinese government expressing its love for the market failed to restore the mood. Indices have stalled. Funnily enough – a number of portfolio managers tell me we seem to be getting to equity price levels where dividend yields make sense for traditional economy names.

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