Blain: “Are We Backing The Wrong Country In The Saudi-Iran Race”

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Where do we go from here?  

I've said it a few times already – 2019 is likely to see the start of the New Market Reality. Although some pundits claim yesterday's sell-off was due to automated algo's triggering a crash because they misread the US yield curve inversion – bad programming they claim – the reality is markets are extremely nervous: of the recessionary signals the inversion shows, slowing economic numbers, the prospects for trade war accelerating recession, etc. The US economy may be a full employment and growing, but where does it go from here as the rest of the globe falters, housing collapses, Auto sales plummet and everyone worries just how they are going to pay off student loans, mortgages and credit cards?

Markets have reversed polarity on Trump.

Peak Trump Bullshit means we just switched from positive to negative. Don't think about what can go right as Trump forces through trade deals, tax cuts, a compliant Fed, etc. Think
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