Black Guns Matter Activist Maj Toure is Running for Philly's City Council – He Needs Your Suppor

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News Story Source: Guns America Digest
Maj Toure is running for a seat on Philadelphia's City Council. And, I haven't been this excited about a candidate running for office in, well, never. I don't live in Philly, so I can't vote for the man, but what I can do is help spread the word about his candidacy. Not familiar with Maj Toure? He is the founder of Black Guns Matter, an organization dedicated to educating inner city folk and minority communities about their 2A rights and responsibilities. BGM covers everything from live fire training to conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics to the basics of self-defense and concealed carry law. Toure's genius is that he sees the right to keep and bear arms as a lynchpin for a greater awakening, as a way to get people to drop their nanny-state mentality so that they may embrace their citizenship as the founders and framers intended. "When you start paying attention to the Second Amendment, you start having more of a value for all of the other amendments,
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