Biden Continues to Line Up Foreign Assets On American Soil to Prevent the Military –

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News Story Source: by Dave Hodges
Britain has shifted sides. A clear opposition to the Biden administration exists in the military. We have a divided military. The alliances for the purpose of fighting WW III, are taking clear form. This article will shed light in what is going on.

Sam Honnold is a refugee from the Biden administration. He has a bad habit, he tells the truth and now that truth has come home to roost.

Over two months ago, and prior to the Marxist stream media reported on this, Honnold revealed the following to me in a message dated June 15, 2021:

 I have a breaking story on the intent to start a war with Russia, the Biden-Putin summit tomorrow (really tonight) and the three destroyers sent into the inescapable waters of the Black Sea.  One is US, one European, one British (the last two members of the HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier strike group).  These are sacrificial lambs to inflame the Western World when Russia sinks them.

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