Bayer-Monsanto Edges In On The Cannabis Industry

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News Story Source:, By Amelia Kinney
On the heels of the Bayer-Monsanto merge, big agriculture CEOs now have their sights set on the marijuana industry.

In September 2016, Bayer bought Monsanto for $66 billion dollars, resulting in the consolidation of two of the biggest and most influential agricultural chemical and seed companies in the world.

Consequently, Bayer-Monsanto now owns 29% of the entire world seed market, along with a quarter of the pesticide market. This monopoly on the agrochemical/seed business leaves farmers with fewer options in the marketplace.

Over the past few years, rumors have spread about the multinational biotechnology company Monsanto taking over the cannabis industry. Although Monsanto has denied this in the past, evidence has surfaced in the debate about legalization of marijuana consumption and cultivation.

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