Bashar / Daryl Anka on Ascension and 2012 !

Perhaps one of the most prominent channelers today, Daryl Anka shares his views on the mechanics of ascension as he has come to understand since he’s been channeling Bashar, an Extraterrestrial from the Essasani civilization, which he says is a hybrid race.

It is Daryl Anka who answers the questions here and this is not a channeling of Bashar. The information presented is quite extraordinary and his forthcoming attitude and straight forward responses ring true … strike the right chord.

On the question of the December 21st date, Daryl had to say that he does not know what can happen that day, however, he says the Bashar says that it is kind of an opening of a gateway to something new … which will only progress and grow as we move along through the years … interesting conversation indeed. Some fresh perspectives which take one beyond 2012 … and the end date scenario !

Daryl’s response when asked about the Illuminati is simply fantastic ! So easily said and so true ! They are not as powerful as they want us to believe. When we awaken to our true nature … we take our power back and cannot be manipulated or controlled through these self limiting fear based paradigms.

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