Ban Ki-moon’s Disgraceful Visit to Israel

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Ban Ki-moon's Disgraceful Visit to Israel

by Stephen Lendman

He appeared on the same rostrum with serial killer Netanyahu, smiling, shaking hands, showing solidarity with his war on Palestine, murdering defenseless victims daily, terrorizing an entire population.

Ban showed support, instead of forthrightly denouncing his ruthlessness. He and Netanyahu met behind closed doors – plotting Israel's next moves, pretending he cares about Palestinian lives and welfare. 

His visit was an exercise in photo op deception, doing nothing to alleviate Palestinian suffering, save lives, and support their liberating struggle.

In nearly nine years as UN Secretary-General (since January 1, 2007), Ban never once did anything to help them, largely  silent while Israel continues to brutalize them, collectively punishing them for not being Jewish, especially Gazans blockaded and isolated under lawless siege.

He disgraces the office he holds – compl
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