House Republicans Schedule Obama Impeachment Hearings

The Daily Currant GOP Leaders Cite Inability to Halt Government Shutdown Republicans in the House of Representatives have scheduled impeachment proceedings against President Obama, claiming his inability to halt the federal government shutdown makes him unfit for office. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann introduced a resolution to impeach Obama this morning and referred the matter to the… Continue reading

Revealed: How Pentagon FAKED repatriation of fallen soldiers for years

The American Circus Show has done everything they can to keep the world entertained with lies and hoaxes. The show includes phony ceremonies in decommissioned planes that doesn’t even fly and bodies that had spent months in labs.  Enjoy the show… UK Daily Mail October 11, 2013 For seven years, the Department of Defense has […] Continue reading

Feds Collect $56 Billion in Taxes in 9 Days of ‘Shutdown’

Brave New World says… A report from CNS News revealed today how the Fed continues to make revenue on tax collected during the shutdown. While the U.S. citizens are busy watching their sports and reality TV shows, the political Zionist charlatans continue sucking the wealth of the country on everybody’s face and nobody does anything […] Continue reading

George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice

If you have realized lately that there is something very wrong with the reality we are experiencing, this video is for you. If you are starting to question everything around you, this video is for you. But if you are one of those moralists-government-defenders-religious-hypocrites, the following video could make you feel very upset. The truth […] Continue reading

Ex-Treasury Official: Obama Could Use Debt Crisis to Seize Total Power

President could declare national emergency, pass executive order Paul Joseph Watson Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts warns that President Barack Obama could use the debt ceiling crisis to seize total power, by declaring a national emergency and passing an executive order in the name of preventing an economic collapse. With […] Continue reading

Sheriff’s Across America are Standing Up to Defend The Constitution

Subscribe to djgabrielpresents channel The Following article is from ——————————————————————————– Alex Newman The New American As state governments and federal lawmakers who take their oath of office seriously work to stop the Obama administration’s proposed unconstitutional infringements on the right to keep and bear arms, a wave of county sheriffs all across the country is rising up to protect gun rights, too. Dozens of […] Continue reading

Florida Rep. Alan Grayson Tells Congress How Bad They Suck, House Chair Continually Objects

Brave New World It is no surprise these days that Congress isn’t very popular, but a new poll says voters have a higher opinion of witches, hemorrhoids, dog poop, Miley Cyrus, toenail fungus, and cockroaches than their lawmakers in Washington. The Public Policy Polling document can be seen or downloaded at: Watch the video […] Continue reading