DHS Intelligence Report Equates Global Uprising to ‘Sovereign Extremism’

A recent report collated and circulated by the Department of Homeland Security and subsequently reviewed by ‘alphabetti’ media outlet CNN, has warned of the growing threat of government attacks and the associated rejection of authority by so-called sovereign right-wing extremist citizens. The current mass global awakening being brazenly branded as “domestic terror” by the nervous […] Continue reading

Former ‘FED’ Says “Keep the Fear Alive” on Terror

Appearing in a 2014 HBO documentary about the financial incentivisation and entrapment of four supposed Muslim terror suspects from the Bronx, a senior FBI official openly admits that the government agency needs to “keep the fear alive” in order to prevent potentially crippling cuts being made to its terror budget. Thomas Fuentes, a former Assistant Director […] Continue reading

Swedish Office Workers Lured Into Receiving RFID Implants

Among 700 workers located at an innovative new office complex in Stockholm, Sweden, have generously been offered the chance to receive the latest and greatest in RFID technology in the form of a small microchip implanted under their skin. Epicenter, which aims to attract established tech giants such as Microsoft and Google, plans to do […] Continue reading

Leaked Madonna Track ‘Illuminati’ References Obama, The Pope & Queen Elizabeth

A demo of Madonna’s 13th studio album ‘Iconic’ was prematurely revealed to the world last week after an online leak which the singer somewhat sensationally described as “artistic rape” and “terrorism” in a self pitying interview with The Guardian. Sandwiched between a collection of otherwise unilluminating numbers however, was a track entitled ‘Illuminati’ in which […] Continue reading

Katy Perry Jokes About Illuminati Initiation

Illuminati pop princess Katy Perry has somewhat ironically joked about wanting to become a member of the occult secret society in a recent ridiculing and diversionary interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. The Wide Awake singer and general music business dogsbody who sparked controversy with her 2014 ritualistic Grammy performance of Dark Horse which paid homage to […] Continue reading

Online Media is Quietly Withdrawing the Capacity to Comment

If, like the growing global millions of others, you spend any sort of time digesting your daily news online then you’ll be familiar with how the comments sections which lie beneath the news articles themselves can play a vital role in disseminating key truths that have either been overlooked by lazy, uncritical thinking so-called ‘journalists’ […] Continue reading