Alec Baldwin Shooting Has Tie To Clintons?

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News Story Source: We Love Trump
On Thursday, Alec Baldwin fired a gun on the set of “Rust” that killed director of photography Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

Things have taken an incredibly strange turn after further investigation.

It turns out Hutchins is the wife of a Latham & Watkins lawyer.

Latham & Watkins represents the Clintons and Michael Sussman, who was recently indicted by John Durham.

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To add another strange plot twist, Halyna Hutchins is originally from Ukraine and grew up on a Soviet military base.

Strange coincidences?

Or, does this point to something more nefarious?

I’m not making any conclusions but simply pointing out the details surrounding this tragic shooting.

Follow me here…the woman shot by Alec Baldwin was the wife of an attorney who worked for the same firm (Latham and Watkins) representing Sussman/Clinton ca
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Champion Professional Mountain Bike Racer Sidelined by COVID-19 Shot…

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Editor, Health Impact News

One of our readers sent me this video, and while I seldom have enough time to watch a 40-minute video, I was quickly draw… Continue reading

White House To "Quickly" Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11 as Deaths and Injuries

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News Story Source: Vaccine Impact
by Brian Shilhavy

Editor, Health Impact News

It is pretty clear these days that corporate America is now controlling the State Department along with their “health agencies” such as the FDA and the CDC.

This week the Biden Administration laid out their plans to quickly vaccinate 28 million children between the ages of 5 and 11 with a COVID-19 vaccine, which sounded more like a Press Release from Pfizer, since the FDA has not even authorized the shots for that age group yet.

ZeroHedge News reported:

The Biden administration on Wednesday unveiled its plan to ‘quickly’ vaccinate roughly 28 million children age 5-11, pending authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The jab – which doesn’t prevent transmission of Covid-19 will be available at pediatricians, local pharmacies, and possibly even at schools, according to the White House, which expects FDA authorization of the Pfizer shot for children – the least like
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US Air Force to install nuclear micro-reactor at Alaskan base

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News Story Source: by David Szondy
The US military operates bases and other installations located in remote, inaccessible regions – not only abroad, but also within US states and territories. Supplying these sites is often a formidable task, especially when it comes to heating and electricity.

In the case of Eielson AFB, this means regularly hauling in tonnes of coal to provide it with 33.5 MW of electricity. Aside from the environmental impact, it’s also expensive, a logistical nightmare, and ties up personnel better employed elsewhere. This isn’t unique to the Alaskan base, so the Air Force is interested in looking at nuclear energy as a cleaner and simpler alternative.

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Martin Armstrong: Are The US Supply Chain Disruptions Deliberate?

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News Story Source: by Tyler Durden
“The reality is the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated,” Adeyemo admitted in an interview with ABC News.

Starve them out, let the dissenters suffer, and those who bought into this agenda will turn against them.

Adeyemo said that the Biden Administration has already provided “the resources the American people need to make it to the other side.”

Basically, everyone should give into the vaccine mandate or face the consequences. They are masking authoritarianism as utilitarianism. The vaccine has not been mandated at the federal level in the US, yet, but it is apparent that the government plans to make life as difficult as possible for those who do not obey.

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‘Cruel’ Fauci is condemned for spending $2m on experiments which saw beagles ‘de-barked*

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News Story Source: By NATASHA ANDERSON
A group of 24 bi-partisan lawmakers are demanding answers from Dr. Anthony Fauci after a nonprofit claims he permitted experimental drug testing on dogs

The White Coat Waste Project alleges that Fauci sent $375,800 to a Tunisian research lab where beagle puppies were force-fed a new drug

The report claims they were also locked in cages with sand flies that ate them alive and underwent a de-barking procedure to keep them quiet

The nonprofit has also revealed three other experiments involving beagles that were allegedly funded by Fauci 

The lawmakers have called the experiments ‘cruel’ and a ‘reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds’ 

They expect Fauci to answer to the alleged misdeeds by November 19 

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Luongo: Is The Bitcoin ETF “A Trap”?

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News Story Source:, by Tom Luongo
And it may, just not in ways anyone bullish on crypto should be comfortable with.

Finally the SEC approved a Bitcoin ETF, the ProShares Bitcoin Futures ETF (BITO) began trading this week to great fanfare in the cryptocurrency community. There was much rejoicing as Bitcoin hit a new all-time high which it has since given back.

On the heels of that announcement Valkyrie changed the proposed ticker symbol for its Bitcoin Strategies ETF, another futures-based product, to BTFD. Gotta love the cheek, there.

And while that’s all well and good, I have to tell you that I have sincere reservations about popping the virtual champagne here.

Because I’ve seen this story before… in gold and silver.

I remember those heady days when all the gold bugs thought an ETF would be just the thing to solve the ‘liquidity’ problem gold had. At the time they didn’t want to hear that this lack of liquidity was one of those good problems gold and silver had.

Once p
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Airbus Solar Powered Aircraft Can Fly for 18 Days And Replace 250 Cell Towers

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“Emergency Mode” – China Warns Covid Outbreak To Worsen In Coming Days

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News Story Source: by Tyler Durden
This hopeful backdrop prompted Bank of America last week to write that “with the much more transmissible Delta variant now dominant, are we in for another difficult winter? Probably not.” It also led JPMorgan’s Marko Kolanovic to declare on Oct 6 the de facto end of the pandemic:

Our core view remains that the COVID situation will continue improving driving a cyclical recovery. This will be the case for at least the next  3-4 months given COVID wave dynamics, but most likely also beyond that. We believe that this was the last significant wave, and an effective end to the pandemic.

Alas, not so fast.

Last Friday, Bloomberg issued the first “new wave” covid alert, targeting the UK, and writing that “after 19 months spent attempting to ward off Covid-19 while safeguarding jobs and businesses, the U.K. is heading into winter with a growing problem: The coronavirus is spreading rapidly, just as the econom
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61% Of Americans Paid No Federal Income Taxes In 2020 – Who’s Greedy?

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