The Random Sun

At the supermarket, stuck for ideas, I asked the woman at the register to give me a random word.  She said “Soleil.”  Sun.  The Sun and political imagery came to mind:  Obama’s rising sun logo.  The Japanese flag.  The Sun King.Then I Googled “national… Continue reading

"Star-spangled" fascism

Here at WLOS, 106.66 on your dial, we’re all fascism, all the time!  Anti-fascism, that is. We last linked to an academic paper about interwar European “shirt movements.”  Today’s we link to a paper about the same topic and the same period, but in the … Continue reading

The Shirt Makes the Man

Oswald Mosley stepping out with the PentaverateShirt Movements in Interwar Europe: A Totalitarian FashionCool. Back on 420 in 2020 Dr. Juan Francisco Fuentes Aragónes, Professor of History at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, wrote an article whic… Continue reading

Blue Monday

Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and now, China.  Blue is the new Black (shirt):The Blue Shirts Society (藍衣社), also known as the Society of Practice of the Three Principles of the People (Chinese: 三民主義力行社, commonly abbreviated as SPTPP), the Spirit Encouragem… Continue reading

Better Call Sol

Augustus Sol Invictus (born Austin Mitchell Gillespie, 1983), is a Florida lawyer and political candidate who drew attention some years ago when he ran for the U.S. Senate to represent Florida on the Libertarian ticket.  When word got out that he’d onc… Continue reading

Call me Sheldon Cooper….

It appears I like flags with a) astronomical elements and b) blue fields.  I think I prefer the Australian over the New Zealander (Zealandish?  Kiwi?) flag.  No offense NZ; I think if the stars were just white I’d like yours more….and I think I’d lik… Continue reading