EXTREME WEATHER: Massive Sandstorm Sweeps Through China’s Xinjiang, Qinghai – Dropping Visibility To Less Than 900 Meters! [VIDEO]

FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty ImagesMay 2, 2016 – CHINA – A major sandstorm has swept through China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province, causing severe air pollution.On Sunday, high winds whipped up the sandstorm in Xinjiang’s Aksu Prefec… Continue reading

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: Attacks On Humans And Disaster Precursors – Hyenas Attack Starving Women In Somali-Land as Drought Hits!

Hyenas attack starving women May 2, 2016 – SOMALI-LAND – Women collapsing from hunger are being set upon by animals amid Somaliland’s worst drought in living memory.Starving women are being attacked by packs of hyenas in drought-hit Somaliland, an aid … Continue reading

PLANETARY TREMORS: Strong 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Western Indonesia – USGS! [MAPS + TECTONIC SUMMARY]

USGS earthquake location.May 2, 2016 – INDONESIA – An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale hit Lampung province of Sumatra Island on Monday, the meteorology and geophysics agency said here. No immediate casualties were reported as of now, … Continue reading

EXTREME WEATHER: More Signs Of Increasing Magnetic Polar Migration – Unseasonal Severe Thunder And Lightning Storm Lashes Melbourne, Australia; And Lightning Strikes Kill Eight And Injure Two In Odisha, India!

The Bureau of Meteorology said the weather was unusual for this time of year. David MullinsMay 2, 2016 – EARTH – Strong winds, thunderstorms, lightning storms and heavy rain lashed parts of Victoria, Australia overnight, with hundreds of residents ca… Continue reading

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Japan’s Sakurajima Volcano Erupts Again With Massive Blast – Sending Explosions Of Ash Over 3,500 Meters Above The Crater! [VIDEOS]

YouTube May 2, 2016 – JAPAN – A spectacular eruption happened in southern Japan following an unusual ‘silent’ period for a volcano in the wake of the island’s recent earthquakes. Sakurajima volcano in Kyushu, situated 50 kilometres from the Sendai n… Continue reading

PLANETARY TREMORS: Rumbling On The New Madrid Fault Zone – Notable 3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles La Center, Kentucky!

May 1, 2016 – KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES – The U.S. Geological Survey reports a small earthquake in western Kentucky. The USGS says a preliminary magnitude 3.5 quake was recorded at 2:12 a.m. Sunday about 9 miles north-northwest of La Center — and about … Continue reading

ICE AGE NOW: Global Cooling Continues Relentlessly – Cold Causing Havoc For Winegrowers As Deep Freeze Hits Switzerland! [VIDEO]

Farmers in Grisons, Switzerland protecting their vineyards from frost on April 27 with thousands of fire lights.Meteo EuropeMay 1, 2016 – SWITZERLAND – Temperatures dipped below freezing in many parts of Switzerland on Wednesday night, with the intense… Continue reading

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVALS: Sinkholes Keep Popping Up Across The United States – Massive Sinkhole Opens Up In New Orleans, Louisiana! [VIDEOS]

A sinkhole opened up on Canal Street April 29, 2016, near a tunnel running underneath Harrah’s Casino.Robert McClendon/The Times-PicayuneMay 1, 2016 – LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES – A sinkhole that opened up at the foot of Canal Street Friday (April 29) w… Continue reading

EXTREME WEATHER: The New Normal – Baseball-Sized Hailstones Pound Coweta, Oklahoma; Damaging Vehicles And Buildings! [VIDEOS]

May 1, 2016 – OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES – No sooner had a severe thunderstorm warning been issued for the Coweta area around 6 p.m. Friday than a hail storms began pelting portions of the city. While some areas only experienced heavy rains, others fell… Continue reading

RATTLE & HUM: Mysterious Sounds Heard Across The Planet – Inexplicable Strange Loud Booms And Shaking Rattle Residents In High Desert, California?!

Google MapsMay 1, 2016 – CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES –  High Desert residents were rattled Friday morning by reports of loud booms and shaking, but no evidence of an earthquake or other abnormal activity was reported, according to the U.S. Geologic… Continue reading