At least 5% of unvaccinated adult Americans have QUIT their jobs over workplace vaccine…

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News Story Source:, By ALYSSA GUZMAN
At least five per cent of Americans have chosen to quit their jobs rather than get the COVID-19 vaccine as part of their workplace mandates, a new poll has found.  

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) polled 1,519 adults from October 14 to October 24 on vaccination trends, from getting their children vaccinated to asking if they'd leave their job over vaccine mandates. 

The KFF reported that five per cent of unvaccinated adults polled have left their jobs due to a vaccine mandate. 

The study also found that 37 per cent of unvaccinated adults – who account for said they would leave their job if their employer required a vaccine or weekly testing. 

The figure increases to 72 percent if weekly testing is not an option.   

Early last month, the Biden Administration announced a plan to direct the Department of Labor to enforce all businesses with over 100 employees to get vaccinated or tested weekly. 

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