As Bitcoin Tops $8,200, Only 39% Of Survey Respondents Say It’s A Bubble

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Having first surged above $8000 overnight amid Zimbabwe's chaos, it appears uncertainty in the core of Europe has driven further demand for cryptocurrencu protection, sending Bitcoin to a new record high of $8247 – up 50% from the 'Bitcoin Cash' crash weekend lows.

As CoinTelegraph reports, the latest milestone for Bitcoin, which came following news the first Bitcoin-to-Litecoin Lightning Network 'atomic swap' successfully debuted, caps its comeback after Bitcoin Cash volatility.

BTC currently has a market cap of almost $134 bln against a cross-crypto combined cap of just under $240 bln, both numbers representing new records.

Bitcoin's dominance has also recovered over the past few days to top 56 percent of the market after struggling to maintain supremacy as BCH caused considerable fluctuations.

BCH itself has come down off previous highs to languish around $1,200 – around 50 percent of its best prices. Staunch proponents
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