Ariana Grande Speaks of her Experiences With Fear Feeding Demons

Ariana Grande Illuminati

During an interview with Complex, fresh new face to the occult pop music scene, Ariana Grande, spoke openly with the online magazine about her interest in aliens, ghosts and demons amongst other, far less fascinating things.

The 20 year old songstress and former teen actor, who starred in a number of popular Nickelodeon productions before achieving her number one selling album Yours Truly earlier this year, chatted casually about her belief in the paranormal, saying “We’d be stupid to believe we are the only people here.” before recounting a couple of creepy experiences she’d recently had.

The Right There singer spoke of how she had visited Stull Cemetery in Kansas, a site believed by some to be a gateway to hell and a location the police themselves have warned people not to visit on Halloween, only to be overcome with a sense of negativity and the foul smell of sulphur.

Grande also explained how she took a picture at the cemetery which showed three distinct faces of what she referred to as “textbook demons” that she later had to delete due to “weird things” happening. The singer reported the file size showing as 666 megabytes.

She went on to tell Complex of how she was recently reduced to tears when trying to sleep, after being accompanied by a mass of “black matter” beside her bed, which she believed was something attempting to feed off her fear. A friend then stayed with her the following night and apparently experienced the very same thing.

While these could of course just be the attention seeking fairy story’s of a young girl looking to make a name for herself, her relatively sudden success, coupled with her early induction into the industry suggests that there may be a little more to it than that.

Is this innocent new illuminati industry damsel unwittingly attracting unwanted attention from the dark side or is she, in the process of being programmed by her hypnotising handlers, being made, for whatever reason, to believe she’s seeing such things?

Regardless, it will be interesting to see whether or not she openly divulges any more sinister experiences as her career within the industry unfolds and to what extent illuminati and occult symbolism will be incorporated into her work, although, looking at her most recent video for Right There, it already has been…

It was like a cloud of something black right next to me. I started crying.
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