Are More US-Orchestrated CW False Flags Likely in Syria?

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Are More US-Orchestrated CW False Flags Likely in Syria?

by Stephen Lendman

The April 4 Kahn Sheikhoun CW attack was a likely CIA-orchestrated incident, carried out by US-supported terrorists – supplied chemical weapons by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, trained in their use by Pentagon contractors.

Assad had nothing to do with what happened, wrongfully blamed as part of a Trump administration regime change plot to oust him.

Are more US-orchestrated CW false flags likely? Senior Russian Foreign Ministry official in charge of non-proliferation and arms control Mikhail Ulyanov believes so, saying:

"The major threat now is that Syrian militants have made certain they can use chemical weapons, and (US-led) Western (nations) will immediately point their fingers at Damascus."

"Without any investigation, Damascus will be accused of using chemical weapons against its own people. Further (CW false flags) will follow." 

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