Apocalypse Update – DEMONIC SINKHOLES

The study of the occult is where science meets supernatural. The ancients combines occult religions with technology.
Ancient mysteries of this world have been utilized by occult groups for millenniums. And sure there are ‘fiction’ novels with the plotline involving sinkholes in which demons are using to travel from Hell to Earth, but can this be a reality? And are the people close to these locations prime hosts for demon infestations?
While there certainly is conjecture on the part of this theory, why must it be just theoretical…to me it’s logical that there are stargates, and this happens in the cosmos, so why not in our volcanoes and sinkholes? Is this why so many cultures around the world have stories of HELL on earth.
Let’s look at the Mayans:

Popol Vuh is a written account of the Mayan’s “Book of Counsel”, or more literal…“Book of the People”. It’s supposed to be the divine account of the creation of living beings. But, I believe it to be of the DEAD! The fallen angels gave this to them! I think this is an account of what the fallen angels want humanity to believe. False doctrines-false messiahs-false gods!

XIBALBA-the Mayan Underworld

Notice in this picture-the HELMET? Also notice a BATMAN? Then look at the right side-all the falling ‘dark’ entities. The fallen angels brought forth the rituals of sacrifice to themselves-the sky gods.
The most important and cohesive part of the Popul Vuh recounts how twin heroes, Xbalanque and Hunahpu, challenged the gods of the underworld to a multi-match ball tournament.
The story begins when Hun Hunahpu, the father to both twins, challenged the greedy and corrupt gods of Xibalba (the Mayan underworld) to a ball game. Mayan ball was a sort of high impact racquetball with scoring hoops (rather like rollerball). In important tournaments, the losers were sacrificed and their severed heads became permanent additions to the court. When Hun Hunahpu lost the ball game to the gods of the dark house, they ripped him apart and left him impaled on a tree. However, Xquic, a lovely blood goddess of the underworld fell in love with the head of the brave and handsome Hun Hunahpu and became impregnated by his spit.

She raised her twin sons, Hunahpu and Xbalanque hidden away from the eyes of the gods below, but when the two grew to manhood they inevitably found their father’s sports equipment. Learning of his downfall they set out to defeat the gods of Xibalba, whose malign influence was corrupting the world of life (also, by besting the gods at the sacred ball game, they hoped to restore life to their father).

After deliberately losing several ball matches in order to obtain a strategic advantage, the brothers were forced to take shelter in a dark house in Xibalba, which was filled with killer bats and with the horrifying bat gods, the Camazotz. To escape the bats, the brothers took refuge inside their blowguns, but Hunahpu, mistakenly believing that dawn had arrived, stuck his head out to look around. A Camazotz (or the Camazotz—their nature is unclear) promptly snipped Hunahpu’s head off with razor claws, and carried the bleeding head to the ceremonial ball court for use during the next day’s ball game.
Grieving for his dead brother, Xbalanque summoned the animals of the jungle and asked them to bring their favorite food. Many animals brought leaves or grubs or worthless carrion, but the coati brought a calabash gourd, which Xbalanque then fashioned into a surrogate head for his brother. During the ballgame, he managed to exchange the fake head for the real one and the brothers ultimately went on to win the tournament.

Enraged by the loss, the Xibalbans constructed a great oven in which they immolated the meddlesome twins. The deities of hell then ground the twins’ burned bones to dust and threw them in a river. However Xbalanque and Hunahpu were again one step ahead. They magically regenerated as a pair of catfish which gradually changed into boys. Amazed by this miracle, and not recognizing the now-transformed twins, the Xibalbans hired the orphans as magical entertainers. The twins performed increasingly spectacular magical miracles for the Xibalbans. They transformed into animals and burned buildings only to restore them perfectly unburned.

Finally the two magicians were called to appear before One Death and Seven Death, the ranking rulers of Xibalba. The twins performed a spectacular magic show which culminated with Xbalanque sacrificing Hunahpu, only to have the latter emerge more powerful and vigorous then before. One Death and Seven Death applauded and demanded the twins put them through the same transformation. Naturally the twins sacrificed the rulers of Xibalba, but they did not restore them to life. They then revealed their true identities and began to slaughter their former tormentors. The forces of Xibalba surrendered utterly and begged for mercy.

The story ends with the twins granting clemency to the surviving gods of hell on the condition that the world of life no longer need worship them or present offerings to the underworld. The brothers then dug up their father’s remains and pieced them together. But their magical skills could not bring him fully back to life. Maimed and broken, he was left on the ball court where they found him. Some say he became maize and gave life to the world. Others say he became the fragile hope which lingers for all things lost and dead.
The brothers then left the underworld, but as they ascended to the world of the living, they found that it had become somehow diminished to them. Their mighty magical transformations had put the affairs of life behind them. The two kept climbing and transcended the world entirely. They are still visible as the sun and the moon. Their story is the Mayan story of the creation and how life was redeemed—at least for a time—from the greedy deities of the underworld.
In this, we have story of  magic, a metamorphosis of transformation between the two worlds of supernatural and natural. First the Mayans not only recognized the supernatural but they interacted with it! It has elements of genetic manipulation as well. Sounds like the Mayans just have a bit of CELESTIAL blood!
They were DEATHLY afraid of these deities. They had many gods but the ones that stuck out the most are the ones I believe to be fallen angels. Quetzalcoatl was a deity of the Aztecs but I think these were all the SAME fallen angels, just assigned different names. He was said to be equivalent to KuKulcan and Gukumatz…all roughly translating to a “FEATHERED SERPENT”.
The reason I bring these cultures into the subject is because they had underground areas which they believed belongs to these deities. Both cultures, the Mayans and Aztec, had sinkholes from which they conducted sacrifices.

Strange sounds emanate from sinkhole in Russia
VIDEO [link]
This happened back on January 19, 2012, locals were recorded staring into a giant sinkhole in the Republic of Dagestan, which is a republic of Russia. Strange sounds seemed to be emanating from the sinkhole, reminiscent of the sounds commonly referred to as “UFO sounds” or “sounds of the Apocalypse”.
The sounds began escalating in 2011 and reached a crescendo in January of 2012. The hole was even reported to be the scene of a horrible crime. A husband reportedly threw his wife down into the gaping hole. But, it was said that she was saved at the same time.
On November 26, 2011, a person in a nearby residence recorded some rather strange sounds from this ‘hole’
VIDEO [link]
While others tells of a UFO crash which seemed to talk place on the same area.
VIDEO [link]

Then we go back to the 2007 Guatemala Sinkhole!
This sinkhole made WORLDWIDE news. I think it’s eerily ironic that this is 330 FEET DEEP! The sinkhole was said be caused by rains and an underground sewage flow. THAT’S SOME FLOW!
The fact is that authorities suspected that something was wrong with the site before the sinkhole occurred. Officials placed a seismic meter a the site and had planned to deploy a remote-controlled robotic camera there, but the pit opened before this action could be completed. My question is “Why didn’t the government evacuate this town before this happened?”
Paranormal investigators agree that signs and portents, such as floods, and horrible stenches of sulfur, brimstone, or sewage, often accompany demonic activity. Some near this site admit that there were foul odors, loud noises, “like screams of the damned in torment”, and a rush of water-like activity. Some think it to be lava.
Several witnesses to the event noted that there were strange ‘glowing’ clouds in the skies before the storm hit on the day of this video in question. But what really peaked my curiosity is that the media and government took DRASTIC measures to COVERUP the “SPIRAL” UFO sighting.
Guatemala Sinkhole to hell-UFO sighting involved
VIDEO [link]
Now, among other events which have said to have “SPIRAL” sky experiences, the intriguing question in my mind is ARE THEY WORMHOLES? Are these spiral events a wormhole to allow entities to enter? Same can be said for these sinkholes!!!

Louisiana Sinkhole-This began as another strange sinkhole appearing out of nowhere. Now, it’s a nightmare event! Possible a extinction level event for the area.

Seems now there are some, larger and smaller (14 total), which are now going to merge! This does not look good. It also bubbles, from gases which makes this site lethal.
VIDEO [link] Article [link]

Ten Amazing Holes in the World [link]

Prophetic Warning on HELL is Raising, Sinkholes and Demons (Dream) [link]
I have been personally covering sinkhole happenings for 16 months! Sinkholes Galore-is a monthly series which covers the current sinkholes and their locations. These kinds of events are astronomical in quantity, and it’s not stopping. In fact, it’s increasing.

Is hell rising? Are these things part of the end time conclusion? Demonic presences have a ‘hold’ over people even without their knowledge. People living in a ‘haunted’ home are essentially giving themselves over to the supernatural. I have been noticing that in experiences in which people have reported haunting, that it’s a pretty good chance it’s not just a loved one who hasn’t ‘gone to the other side’. More than likely it’s a demon. In fact, when the people look into the history of the house/home that it has a sorted history of negativity and sometimes even death associated with it. I believe this is because the demons can possess someone and cause them to do evil, unspeakable things. This carries on and on, and the house begins to get a reputation. Demons don’t ‘go away’. They are ALWAYS here.



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