Anti-Gravity Patent Available For Development

Inventor Jeffrey J Nau  received U.S. Patent 7,663,281  for a magnetic field generating device that is also an anti-gravitational generator.  A primary object of the invention is to provide a generator utilizing electromagnetic forces to provide repulsion by creating an electro-magnetic field.  Now that invention is available for  licensing, purchasing the rights or a royalty agreement.  According to Nau writing in the patent the device can be used to power self-steering levitating cars that would glide above metal guideways.
According to Nau, the magnetic field generator utilizes two concentric rings with similarly charged electro-magnets to repel the rings in opposite orbits around an electrically charged central core to create the magnetic field.



Nau asserts a compact magnetic levitation vehicle or car can provide passenger comfort consistent with automobiles and travels suspended on ferromagnetic rails in evacuated tubes of minimal radial dimension extending between vehicle loading and unloading stations or at atmospheric conditions.


A pair of guides extend outwardly along opposite sides of the vehicle and contain magnetic elements. Electrically conductive, ferromagnetic, magnetic, or electromagnetic sections in the rails correspond to the magnetic elements in the vehicle guides. Linear motors or controlled interaction with rail members provide propulsion and braking. Extensive portions of the evacuated tubes are provided with two sets of rails, one set of rails functionally located above the other.


 Rail switching is accomplished by selectively interacting with alternative levitation rails which are located at switching locations. Tube evacuation may be supplemented by vacuum pumps on the vehicle to draw in air during travel. The vehicle may have turbines which draw in air and exhaust compressed gases into cylinders.


FIG. 1 is a cut-away perspective view of the anti-gravitational generator 10 having a solid conductive sphere 12. The anti-gravitational generator comprising a central sphere 12 surrounded by an inner ring 14 within an outer ring 16, rotating about a vertical axis. A spherical core 12 is comprised of a core of conductive material and dielectric material insulated from outer engine casing, the outer surface is conductive/dielectric lines running vertically from pole to pole. Around the core 12 is an inner ring 14 that spins in one direction, looking from the top, counterclockwise, it is charged in one direction through brushes. An outer ring 16 placed around the inner ring 14 will spin in the opposite direction, clockwise and will be charged with an opposite flow of electricity through the brushes. Bearings and dielectric insulation are used to maintain electrical separation of inner and outer rings. The interface area is what drives the inner ring 14.



FIG. 2 is a cut-away perspective view of the anti-gravitational generator 10 having a spherical core 12 of conductive metal 20 with interdisposed dielectric material 18. Theanti-gravitational generator 10 is a gravity-opposing repulsion generator comprising a spherical core 12 surrounded by an inner ring 14 within an outer ring 16 rotating about a vertical axis. Shown are the clockwise rotation 50 of the outer ring 16 and the counter-clockwise rotation 52 of the inner ring 14. The core 12 is charged through the conductive mounting rod 22. the entire unit is enclosed within a housing 34 as depicted in phantom line.
FIG. 11 is an illustrated view of the induced magnetic field 62 provided by the present invention. As electrical input is evenly increased, the rings 14,16 will drive faster to a point where a resultant magnetic field 62 forms by charging the core 12, the magnetic field should increase.


The magnetic levitation rotating machine can stably detect the displacement and rotating speed of a rotator and, at the same time, can reduce the size of the whole apparatus, that is, can render the whole apparatus compact.


The magnetic levitation rotating machine for supporting a rotator in a levitated state by magnetic force of an electromagnet or a permanent magnet comprises: a position detection plane provided in the rotator and a concave and/or a convex provided in the plane; a displacement sensor provided on the fixed side, for detecting the displacement of the plane including the concave or the convex; and a detection mechanism for detecting the displacement of the rotator and the rotating speed of the rotator from the output of the displacement sensor.


A transport system has a pair of levitating rails, each of the levitating rails has a core with a plurality of coils extending circumferentially around each of the cores. The coils are perpendicular to the lengths of the levitating rails. Each of the levitating rails has an upper surface directly above the core. A vehicle has wheels that roll on the upper surfaces of the levitating rails in a nonlevitating position.
 The vehicle has a plurality of magnets that create magnetic fields that pass through the coils while the vehicle is moving along the levitating rails. The magnetic fields induce current, which in turn causes an opposing magnetic field that levitates the vehicle. A steering rail having a plurality of coils is mounted to at least one of the guideways. Permanent steering magnets are located on each side of the steering rail to magnetically steer the vehicle along the guideways.

The object of the invention is to:

to provide a gravity-opposing repulsion generator utilizing electro-magnetic forces to provide repulsion by creating an electro-magnetic field superior to all surrounding forces

to provide a gravity-opposing repulsion generator wherein a pair of electro magnetic rings are disposed one within the other and encircling a central sphere that is electrically energized to opposing polarities to force the counter-rotational movement thereof

to provide a gravity-opposing repulsion generator wherein the rotational speed of the rings and the voltage applied thereto increases to a point to effectively achieve gravitational neutrality

to provide a gravity-opposing repulsion generator wherein the rotational speed of the rings and the voltage applied thereto are further increased to a point to provide repulsion from the Earth’s gravitational field by taking advantage of the north-to-north magnetic situation created by the electro-magnetic field created by the present invention

to provide a gravity-opposing repulsion generator having a central sphere comprising a combination of metal conductive material with dielectric material and having a conducting mounting rod forming a core extending vertically from opposing ends thereof

Gravity Opposing Repulsion Generator
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