Angry Ranty Woman on Bus (Anti-Gay Anti-Arab!)

Interstellar Anthropology Exhibit #133 – Troubled Human on Bus

Just another bus ride in Manchester at 11am (Expand to READ MORE)

Her opening line to me was “Dirty f***ing Arab….” as I sat down. I think she took offence to my scarf. I turned around with an “Excuse me?”, and when she became agitated and aggressive, I thought the best thing to do was film her so perhaps she can see her behaviour online once she’s sobered up.

My favourite part is her anti-gay tirade where I turn into an AIDS ridden bisexual in her mind….
One line I didn’t quite catch from her on video was “You’re a dirty queer with spunk in your scarf”.

The footage cuts out a few times because she successfully knocks the camera off.

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