Angel Of The Realm

Angel Of The Realm

Slipping into escape mode can feel really good when you have nothing else to lose.

Tricked into returning to the secret society Illuminati cult she tried to leave behind, Sister Jenna Garcia is then given to President Mason Conrad and unless she can learn to overcome his skill of controlling her mind, she will never escape. On her arrival to Washington, Jenna fears she is pregnant and a dead woman if his First Lady finds out.

Using Mason’s sexual addiction against him for access into the White House network, she gathers evidence concerning the First Couple’s involvement in The Group and their plan to create a socialized medicine tax boondoggle.

The roadblock to her plan comes with the White House network administrator Freddie and his reporter brother Preston who both suspect Jenna is far more than the President’s Personal Technical Assistant. With each day of serving as the President’s Rag Doll Whore, these two Navajo brothers soon become her lifeline to sanity.

During her escape, Preston is killed by her Secret Service handler and framed for the murder of another nun escaping with her. Freddie realizes Jenna is the only link to clearing his brother’s name and partners up with Thor Hawkins, his private investigator uncle. Together they must follow Jenna’s trail through the hacker underworld before her existence becomes public and her handler can carry out his orders.

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