An Open Letter to an Agent of the Deep State (Sam Harris)

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News Story Source:, by Allan Weisbecker
I recently stumbled across a podcast of yours, titled, simply, 'Lying – Sam Harris' – an incredibly apropos title, although I suspect that few see it that way; or rather few see it that way for the right reason.

Yes, some parsing is needed here… For a mainstream gatekeeper to publicly dive deep into the subject of lying in itself carries enough irony to precipitate disorientation in a thoughtful person, but if, in the process, he actively omits lies by omission from his formal list of Lies by Type… well, count actual and physical dysequilibrium as a possible aftereffect, at least for irony-aware types (of which count me one).

The podcast, as it turns out, was a section of an actual book of yours of the same name, which raises the irony level another peg, via the implicit assurance that the… Lying project was 'well thought out,' i.e., not an alcohol or drug-induced or casual, off-the-cuff 'miscalculation.'

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