America, The Illuminati Con Job & the Shirley MacLaine/David Icke New Age Fraud.

By Nicolas Duplessis
The United States of America=An Illuminati Matrix of Lies.
The first rule of studying the Illuminati is to understand that no one out there speaking about the so called Illuminati, really is in the know about the Illuminati. From this pathetic David Icke, writing these science fiction and fanciful tales of world leaders being reptiles to even making up myths about a reptilian alien race, that taught Africans to be cannibals.  Yes, the African Cannibal Myth, started in the 1980′s when the United Nations and vaccine makers released HIV/Aids Virus, which was nothing more than a viral warfare agenda that was started in France back in the 1960′s, carried over to the US Navy’s biological warfare programs and perfected at Plum Island, NY-which was closed last year according to the NY Times. 
So, when these “global warming” like scientist, slapped a science label on the silly narrative that Africans, in Sub Saharan Africa were eating green monkeys and this was the cause of the astronomical HIV rate in that part of Africa, needless to say, this entire racist narrative from the science community, not only got wide acceptance in the 1980′s but it was very successful in deflecting attention away from a science dictatorship global human extermination program, which has always been hiding in plain sight.
Plum Island in NY, was created about fifty years ago, by the US Dept of Agriculture, to allegedly study dangerous viruses that may pollute the food supply but in reality the US Dept of Agriculture’s Plum Island employed elements from the 20,000 or so, Project Paper Clip, which was a US Air Lift of Hitler’s Nazi Scientist, in an effort to resettle these people into North & South America. 
Many people appear to think that this had everything to do with the Nazis supposedly superior knowledge of “out of worldly technology” which was being developed by Hitler and Nazi Germany but in reality the Nazi Scientist and their “alien technology” was only a deflection. What was the real agenda and area of expertise of the Hitler’s Nazi Scientist? Most of them were trained and skilled in population control via the use of the food/water supply, atmosphere lacing aka Chem Trails, vaccines and any other slick way which the Illuminati dreamt up in order to kill, injure, make diseased or negatively alter the world’s population until the Earth is back down to a few hundred families.
Did Nazi Germany make the US evil? Absolutely not.  In fact, it was the United States which made Germany evil and indeed it was the United States, Great Britain and France behind the holocaust.
The use of deflections and mis-placed blame to shift focus onto a specific target, while the real center Illuminati activity of evil, stays hidden, often directly next to the “suspicions activity center” which the propaganda media and public insist on calling out, analyzing, criticizing and exposing, as the root of all evil, is a constant media/propaganda tech of the Illuminati.
The United States of America, did not form and develop in Philadelphia, New York or Boston but in reality, the United States of America was chiseled out by the Illuminati in Virginia State.  The U.S. may be the ring leader when it comes to selling food supplies that are engineered with deadly viruses and built in pesticides like the works of Monsanto Corp (which was partly the doings of a Southern US Family) but Canada is the real center of everything to do with using food as a weapon to accomplish a slicker, cleaner holocaust of population control. 
The NY Times and US Media may hype up over population but to say that the Earth is over populated is akin to “green HIV monkeys” or “global warming” being that it simply isn’t fact.  Now if we use the Illuminati current blue prints of the Earth, that has 70% of the US, Latin America, Europe and Africa being owned by a few corporations or “countries” like we see in Ethiopia, where 70% of the farm land is now owned by Israel, the British and US via their nigger goon country…… India. So, of course we are over populated if we follow the UN’s map of elitism by any means necessary.

Africa has so much of fertile land and un-explored areas, that we could pretty much put the entire US Population into Africa, and still not run out of room.  The only entities that are crying and pushing this scare narrative about over population are the usual suspects, United Nations, Bank of England, France, JP Morgan, Israel and Goldman-Sachs (even as their media floods entire countries with baby making machine illegal aliens to simply push wages down to slave coins). 
On one hand they scream about global warming and the environment but on any given day, the UN is pushing for wars that uses weapons, which simply contaminate the environment, is acting as a silent partner in the oil monopolies, which simply spill tons and tons of toxic crude oil into the water and food supply of this planet and the United Nations funded corporation, Monsanto, is genetically engineering inferior food that is mixed with insect and human parts and fed to Americans, who are unaware of grocery store vegetables, which are spliced with insect and human parts due to the FDA, prohibiting the labeling of real food from genetically molded food.  This food GMO warfare is yet another issue that Rabbi Bergs Kabbalah teaches is the best thing since sliced bread.
 Some of the pork meat sold in US Stores are actually part human, so yes, after the colonial Doner Party Cannibals, to all of the cannibalism practices of our Founding Fathers, to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre cannibal mess, to Jeffery Dahlmer and now with the use of human genes to “enhance” food, the last thing that any American and Great Britain should do is accuse others of having a unique history of cannibalism!
There are a total of about five people who are qualified to speak on The Illuminati, and if you minus me, that would leave four. 
I can 100% say that these frauds like David Icke (all world leaders are illuminati, all illuminati are reptiles wearing human skin costumes and therefore, all world leaders are elite reptiles from the reptilian alien race) is simply the latest CIA (not an American Agency) and MI 6 misinformation merchant of evil.


On top of France being the Euro Center of the Illuminati, and not Great Britain as the Illuminati would like people to think in yet another deflection scam, France has been an Illuminati Strong Hold, since the 12th Century. 
From my Northern France Ancestors, the Duplessis family, which really came up from Greece, which is why Duplessis has that very un-French spelling, they also were the Illuminati Ring leaders in Germany and even today, the off spring of the French Illuminati Duplessis Family, mostly mixed race Creoles, are the real driving force and elites, that run Haiti.
After the Haitian “earth quake” and those UN fraud elections, the US, UN and Europe actually tried to place hip hop producer/rapper Wyclef Jean Duplessis, to be the next Haitian President. So dont under-estimate the obsessive genetic observance, by Illuminati DNA Record keepers, to keep pulling an Illuminati Flavor of the Month, when they need to & dont kid yourself into thinking that had I not started talking down Wyclef Jean, the Illuminati would have installed him into office.
So, David Icke saying that Illuminati are white elites, is simply untrue and even if we use David Icke’s argument about the Royal Families, being “white illuminati” that came from the Eastern Parts of Eurasia, Icke’s agenda of preaching a back handed form of Nazism and his trying to make the world think that the Royal Families of Europe are still white, by confusing white tribes of Western Europe with the Illuminati Migrants, that came up from Africa, into the Mid East and over into the Eastern Parts of Europe before they flooded into Western Europe, as a military strategy to destroy Rome and the “white race” via that Caucasian Flood, which gave way to these African,Mid Eastern in Origins, “Royal Families” from Asia, over the Caucasus Mountains and into “white” Europe, is simply an Illuminati Confusion Tactic. 
Were Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth even born with blue eyes?  All I can say is that this laser tech mess, has been around for over 70 years!
THE ILLUMINATI LOVES TO CONFUSE THE REAL REALITY BY RUNNING SCAMS, like David Icke’s little out-dated, 1980′s Hollywood Shirley MacClaine Scams, which are so dam absurd that one can not help but to wonder, how did modern common man, get so dam dumb? 
Alex Jones, The Alex Jones Radio Show, had on some goof ball named Fritz, who authored some book on the so called Illuminati Blood Lines and clearly he is confusing Illuminati with the silly, slave Freemason Class.  Fritz, a man who claims to have been in the Illuminati, said that America will end in a few decades  or 20 to 30 years time. Really? What Illuminati is this Fritz apart of because it aint any Illuminati that I know going around talking about America will end in 30 years time.  How about the Illuminati end date for America, is set for 2016 and 2017.
Whites of the Western parts of Europe are perhaps some of the most compromised populations in the world and simply because people selectively pick and choose history starting points, to best fit an agenda, like the lie that indigenous “white” Europeans, have ever really run that part of Europe, in the past few thousand years, is simply laughable and absurd.
My great great great great grand father, great great grand father all were Illuminati.  They were not only large slave holders, but also had large business dealings with Virginia Tobacco aka Cigarette Companies and like most of the Presidents from the 1700′s into the early 1800′s and my Virginia Ancestors (which my relations are from the white male side of the family)-they were into Illuminati Kabbalah, Satanic Rituals and the ritualistic slaughter of African slaves children.  The same shit that we did then, we are still doing now.
The Declaration of Independence was really drafted up by the Illuminati, which started their base of operations in Virginia State, a few decades before the American Revolution.  We have secret history in America and the history which is deemed to be “official” is nothing but make-believe.  
Before this cult like obsession with frenzy driven, blind patriotism of the last century in America, it was very common for the average American to not only view the U.S. as some what evil, with suspicion but the American Public was so aware of Satanism and Secret societies, within the US Government, that the Illuminati was driven under ground, for decades, only to resurface in the 1900′s, with arrogance, even as their entire infrastructure of the Illuminati has been compromised by “make shift, trailer trash junk DNA, broken in, artificially inflated idiots” which pretty much make up the key players in Hollywood, Government, Science, Military and Media.
The Illuminati that ran Rome, from the King Solomon Tradition of Demonic Magic (Solomon is my Jewish surname, being that my great great grand mother, was a Jew, named Solomon who migrate into La, in late 1800′s from one of the islands off of Italy/Rome)-was also set up in Virginia State. 
My slave holding white ancestors, which I am still a beneficiary from my slave holding American Ancestors nearly 200 years later, were also into rituals of human sacrifice, King Solomon teachings aka Holy Grail and the scary thing is that the Illuminati, with the exception of a few, has picked all of our US Presidents since 1776.
People think that the Declaration of Independence is so great, but this wasn’t the shared belief of the common colonial public.  None of them trusted the Founding Fathers and none of them trusted that the Founding Fathers had their backs when the new and “free” symbolic US Government was being formed after the war.
The Freedom of Religion Clause, sent chills down the spines of newly Americans.  People have to understand that the Euro Settlers were running away from the Illuminati, when they came to America. The Freedom of Religion Clause found in the US Constitution, was one of the first tell tale signs, to the colonies, that they had been duped. 
The Americans were so weary of the Illuminati, Freemasons and Royal Blood Lines of genetic privilege, that EVERY SINGLE ELECTION in the 1800′s was pretty much spent debating on which candidate was not Illuminati, Freemason or even a Catholic Christian. 
Early Americans, had been so systemically abused by the Illuminati in Europe that the last thing these people wanted was a country that had freedom of religion, because this only made the Illuminati Religion, into something lawful and indeed the Illuminati gained a strong hold on America due to the token Founding Fathers.
Even the Statue of Liberty, which sits in Ellis Island, and given to the US by France, is based on satanic demonic photos dating back to Rome and Greece regarding Lucifer’s Image. 
Egypt was supposed to get this Statue of Demon-Face but being that pretty much all of Rome and Greece’s knowledge was simply lifted from Egypt, they knew exactly what the Statue of Liberty represented. And as a result, Egypt refused the idol statue.
Now we see the United Nations, which was started in San Francisco, Ca. and that city also happens to be the home to The Church of Satan started by Anton LaVey.  Almost none of America’s Occult Religions can be traced back to Salem, Ma. 
In fact, most of the Celtic “Wiccan” Pagans set up camp in West Virginia and North Carolina. There would simply be none of this “Wiccan” stuff in the US, had it not been for Gavin Frost & his CIA funded Southern Schools of Witchcraft, which spanned two Southern States, owned lots of real estate and pretty much the Frost Family was creating Wiccan, when Salem, Ma didnt even know the word “Wiccan” existed, in fact the word “Wiccan” didnt exist because Gavin Frost of W. Va and the United Nations simply made that occult religion up in around 1960.  The original “Wiccan” Bible, now out of print (but of course, I own a copy) has detailed rituals about how to sexually molest a child being initiated into “Wicca” and yet Hollywood makes people think that all of this stuff is normal, sexy and cute.
Actress Shirley MacClaine is from Va State and has worked for the CIA since the Nixon Administration.  All of her books, to do with Alien Encounters in Peru, Spiritual Awakenings in Peru and worshipping the light along with Hollywood even promoting this CIA propaganda with an ABC made for tv movie, based off of her fraud book Out on a Limb, which was designed to bring in the New Age of One World Humanist Religion, with shocking main stream distribution of such talking points about “WE ARE GOD” and some mess about an alien race, really running the Earth, was simply done after she finished her CIA “call girl” duties.  Shirley MacClaine lost her mother, then she came out and said that she was a sucker and all of her New Age mumbo jumbo was a lie but the damage has already been done because these Illuminati directed books, funneled through Hollywood Actress  Shirley MacClaine, has now turned into the blue prints for even newer and even more fake Christian Bibles, and even new NWO Humanist bibles being promoted by cable news in the US Media.
 The United Nations Agendas of David Icke, who simply took all of the Shirley MacClaine fake books and re-mixed the concepts as his own, because ever since Shirley  had an alien CIA spiritual awakening in Peru, every white person in the universe claims to be getting a spiritual alien awakening in Peru like David Icke.
David Icke, was on Alex Jones talking about how the alien reptiles are located just out of human sight due to frequency and are running the world leaders.  Well isn’t he special? This entire David Icke narrative, is coming from the words of Kevin Ryerson, the so-called spiritual medium, made famous by the CIA, UN and Shirley MacClaine being that she used Ryerson in her books as some Master New Age Teacher.  But Kevin Ryerson also ran a “new age” spiritual talk to the dead center, in Northern California, right near the Bohemian Grove. So, careful what you digest because none of this mess that you read or hear, is real. These are bad realities based off of older bad realities to the point, that 99% of people simply know nothing about any thing even close to history or reality.
British/United Nations Non-Profit “Charity” steals African land in Uganda via force
Wall St Firms have already made  more money under Obama, in two years time, than during Bush’s entire two terms as President
US Congress and Obama send over 200 Million in US Tax Payer’s Money to the Palestinians
White House denies having any contact with alien life forms
Due to BP’s Oil Spill in the Gulf, off of La. State, the FDA may be lying about the health risk when it comes to seafood Study: FDA seafood standards flawed |
Obama & Sarkozy Gossip about hating Israel’s Netanyahu,7340,L-4145266,00.html
The US Gov and F.D.A. deliberately adds arsenic into poultry meat to give Americans cancer
American Catholics come up with newer translations to their Satanic Mass
United States of Satan’s fraud Protestant Minister being investigated for the killing of kids
Americans living below poverty line, is at an all time high
United Nations attempt to start war in Syria over nuclear weapons plant that ended up being a clothing company

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