Amazon Announce Same Day Drone Delivery Service, the world’s largest online retailer, revealed on Sunday night a plan to introduce an army of unmanned flying delivery drones which would allow eager consumers to receive their goods the very same day.

The scheme, aptly named “Amazon Prime Air” which is apparently the result of extensive “next generation” research & development, aims to get packages into customers hands a mere 30 minutes or less after ordering.

The Fortune 500 company, who’s ultimate goal is to sell everything to everyone, admits it will take a few more years to get its commercial drones airborne en-masse but is confident it can have the¬†Amazon Prime Air¬†project up and flying by sometime in 2015.

Founder and CEO of Amazon, billionaire Jeff Bezos, who recently purchased the Washington Post for a rock bottom price of $250 million dollars, is the same man who cut his company’s hosting of the Wikileaks website back in 2010 following heavy political pressure from the U.S. government and who also penned a $600 million deal earlier this year with the friendly folks over at the CIA for a mass cloud computing system.

Is the announcement of a future drone delivery service from one of the richest and well connected men on the planet then, actually about bringing people around to the idea of drone usage in their everyday lives and associating the buzzing bots in the sky with favourable and fun things like receiving gifts, instead of the more sinister global surveillance of citizens and mass murder of innocent civilians in foreign lands that the cowards in control currently use them for?

What shortsighted consumer wouldn’t want their parcel delivered 30 minutes after ordering it? Murderous Orwellian future implications or not!

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