Age of Melancholic Beauty & Turmoil

Though this world tears us apart

We’re still together in my heart

I want the world to hear my cry

And even if I have to die

Love will not die

Love will change the world

Live for the one I love – Celine Dion


Have you considered the possibility that everything that exists is because of a thought that was created by a divine intelligent entity? Before humans were put on this earth, other beings dominated the earth but nothing but bones, footprints and ancient artifacts remain of lost worlds. How were such creatures created? Who created us? Where do we descend from? What is the true history of our planet? Does the universe have its own wisdom and intelligence that we cannot comprehend? Most people refuse to acknowledge that an overwhelming divine beauty has always been around before we came to be.

Imagine that as you are reading this word this very moment, someone somewhere on this planet is suffering because that person lost her only child. Someplace else a man is immensely absorbed with making love with his female partner. Somewhere in the mountains a man mourns for the death of his children killed by a drone. A teenager has just purchased her favorite movie. A woman is killed during a robbery at a store. A rich man is having a lavish dinner at an expensive restaurant with his business partners. A baby boy is crying while bombs are being dropped around him. A man saves a little girl from drowning. A cat lovingly plays with a five year old child. A mother desperately searches for food for her five-month old baby. A seven year old girl brings a glass of water to a dying patient at a hospital.

Visualize all these events occurring simultaneously right now in different places and escalate them with your own imagination and you will realize there will come a moment where you become one with all of humanity. It is a moment that can overwhelm the human heart.

It is heartbreaking to see that there are people who are unaware that they are beings of light, which I will talk more about later on. They are unable to see that there is an intelligent force at play that is filled with divine wisdom but this is gradually changing now through the rise of humanity’s awakening. Those who are awakening know that we are meant to celebrate our common humanity and the diversity of different races on this planet makes it valuable, profound and beautiful. Every human soul needs to be cherished because it has a purpose. Most human beings continue to be in agony because there are still those who refuse to see our common humanity. There are even some who wish it to remain that way.

Consider looking at the world. There is much more that takes place beneath the surface. Looking at the ocean and all we can see is water but something much grander resides underneath. One can apply this point by examining world events. It is not a conspiracy theory to say that events are manipulated by social engineers. All it requires is critical thinking and human logic. Shadow rulers orchestrate events behind the scenes to fulfill their own evil agendas. They control events better when they control opinions of people. It has been done throughout history and it still occurs in our present day.

Remember when an evil deed is being committed at a location on earth; know that an immensely beautiful deed is taking place at the same time somewhere else. Good and evil is taking place at the same time at every second of everyday of our human life. Imagine for yourself a woman suffering while she is getting raped whereas in another place a young man passionately makes love with his male lover.

I reckon that most of you are familiar with the television show Game of Thrones. There is a particular character called Melisandre, known as the red priestess, where she speaks of a god of light, love and joy and yet another god of darkness, evil and fear in which these two gods are eternally at war with one another. This is actually a classic allegorical portrayal of the eternal yin and yang forces that are intertwined together within the circle of existence.

If people have heard of Kate of Gaia, she uses the concept of good and evil in singularity, which I will refer to the shadow rulers that people famously call the “illuminati.” But there is one important point before going any further. Kate of Gaia states that humanity remains divided because we let it. The responsibility lies with us, not them. Most people simply see this world as a battlefield to survive in. They fight amongst themselves over insignificant matters. They continue to waste their time living in a materialistic and artificial existence of illusion and separation.

Regarding the hidden controllers of world events, is it not possible that the extremely negative events created by the secret rulers (dark beings) around the world have led to the awakening of the divine human spirit that dwells within us? It may seem that they have actually done humanity a favor. It is human nature to react to tragedy and suffering through compassion. Compassion is a powerful virtue that originates from the human heart. A divine being of light that is awakened would never allow its fellow creatures suffer on the earth.

A melancholic story lies behind the origin of dark beings, which is referred in ancient sources (Nag Hammadi) that deals with the suppression of divine forces residing within mankind. A Japanese spiritual scholar and philosopher, Haku Zynkyoku, even declares that the history behind the beings of darkness lies in a previous universe different than our own. The beings of darkness can no longer reach for the light because they have lost the light. No one is born inherently evil. The light once preserved these dark beings but then faded away like a leaf flows away from the branch of a tree it once belonged to. The dark beings will never admit it but they have always secretly admired our human spirit.

They may even have the longing to remember the light within themselves but it is too late for them. The beings of darkness have been dwelling in the dark for so long that they have been bound to commit unnatural atrocities for years and are now blinded by domination through unleashing deception, enslavement, cruelty, chaos, violence, and unnecessary slaughter on human populations. The sinister forces are spiraling out of control as we can see with the deliberate set-up of World War III. They no longer care of consequences for what they do. Their unreasonable actions are leading them to the path of their own destruction.

There are people who have been following the same vicious path because of their indifference to human suffering, which is one of the core reasons of misery on the earth and it has led to the horror of so much killing in this world where the value of a human life means nothing anymore. This is the reason why everyone talks about world peace yet it is never achieved. Brutality and insanity has become the norm in today’s world. Misfortune shall befall those who continue to allow it which will lead them to their own demise. A powerful divine force is not blind toward those who suffer. It is sad for us and only wishes that humanity realizes its full potential.

Kate of Gaia emphasizes that mankind has always focused on the physical perspective of existence. The spiritual/energetic perspective of life is not taken with equal consideration. People wasting their time arguing and opposing the nature of homosexuality with illogical statements are a perfect example of this.

Knowledge about us and the universe can help us grow because we are connected to the universe. If you look closely at a human eye, you will notice it is a mirror reflection of the universe within us. The universe creates stars and galaxies through light as do we, with the power to create life through our sexual energy where a being of light is born. On a spiritual level, human sexuality guides us to celebrate the divine nature of oneness with one another that creation planned for us. On an energetic level, sexual energy is a powerful vibration that binds all creation of the universe where we all play a part in its eternal glory.

Many beautiful beings of light have suffered and died through the sinking of Titanic, through the world wars, through the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, through the Vietnam War, through the horrific genocides of Rwanda, Bosnia and Palestine, through the AIDS epidemic that affected Africa and the gay population, through the Indian Ocean tsunami that affected several countries, through the massacre of teenagers in Norway, through the tsunami of Japan and through the Middle East wars. All these departed souls have something to say to us. They only wish that we emanate our love for one another on this planet. Consider the thousands of lives lost when the World Trade Center was destroyed. Those thousands of souls would never have wanted for us to go to war and kill other people that would lead to more suffering but it sadly has.

And where have all the beautiful beings of light gone to after leaving the physical vessel? The light/spirit within us never dies. Remember that we are made up of energy because before we were created, the universe was created through energy. We come from that same source of energy. While the physical body dies, energy merely transmutes itself into another form. This is where divine consciousness plays its part with regards to creation and the cycle of life and death. Where one dies, a new life is created at the same time.

Ancient records remind us that many races have come before we were created. How long humanity remains in its present form on this earth I do not know. No one can know. But I do know this. Humanity has always endured centuries of turmoil by their expression of beauty and intelligence through music, art, dance, sexuality, kindness, heroism, empathy and love. All these divine expressions represent the pure celebration of our existence of where we come from and where we will return.

Know that you are loved by a divine power. This power lives in your heart. It wishes for you to radiate your light for all creation. Consider these last words from the divine power itself:


Let the spirits and the universe know

I know how humanity loves

Behold how long their love has endured

Its eternal beauty sustains life on earth

Mankind will love until their love wears me away

My death draws near my beloved creation 

But my love will remain through your light

 Your light will heal the melancholy of the earth



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